Sunday, April 7, 2019

That universal franchise thing.

The alien ideological pollution of our electorate has gone beyond the point of no return. A whole new paradigm must be constructed and implemented.

Essentially, the voting demographic must be changed because a democratic system whereby a universal franchise is automatically awarded to all and sundry irrespective of ability, intent or right to exercise that prerogative in the best interests of the nation state will always fail in the long run.[1]

It's holy writ in the West that "the people" must weigh in on all matters and that everyone with a pulse should exercise the franchise. Convicted felon? Yes. Illiterate? Sure. Welfare recipient? You bet. Resting in your grave? Of course. Vote twice. Foreigner? The best.

America in particular is fanatically committed to the proposition that politicians must be able to acquire power by appealing to the intellect and passions of the lawless, the subversive, and the drooling moron. The Democrats wet their pants at the prospect of having third-world invaders be given a "path to citizenship" so that low-IQ, dysfunctional people with absolutely no clue about American concepts of citizenship or our traditions can cancel out the votes of white Americans. Citizenship here being as precious as a 50-lb. sack of dog food.

The electorate.
As Seneca states, the voting demographic has got to change. The solid, productive whites of America and the West are too far gone to be able to summon up the will or the sense to act in their self interest.

The "alien ideological pollution," namely the pollution of sappy liberalism and ultra-left worship of total revolution, make it mandatory that the freak, the foreign, the criminal, and the parasite are considered the crown jewels of earthly existence.

We will, hence, run the ship aground on the rocks of that. Utter lunacy.

[1] "And the Debacle Continues." By Seneca III, Gates of Vienna, 4/6/19.


UK Houston said...

"The Electorate" is a good caption, but my alternate would be "Their vote counts the same as yours", a comment that never fails to infuriate all small 'd' democrats.
Of course, I also think the 19th amendment was unwise, which is something unutterable in the present climate.

Oldfart said...

Allow me to suggest a small change to one sentence: "Citizenship here being as precious as a 50-lb. sack of dog food."


The truest question is how to get people to have a skin in the game... and to understand things before they vote.

A few years before my mother passed away she asked me why, seeing as she lived in the "Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts", there were all these signs with candidate names everywhere. My opinion was simple: recognition. If you went into the booth but didn't know who candidates were, but you'd seen "Slickmeister Cheatemall" everywhere, you might just pull that lever (or whatever) based on the sheer volume of the name being everywhere.

I would certainly like to see some kind of test for voting; perhaps 3 out of 5 questions from the US citizenship quiz? Randomly chosen and graded before you get the ballot?

And some kind of skin in the game check. If you pay ZERO federal taxes, or especially if you get more (e.g., EITC) than you put in, why should you be able to vote? You have no stake in it.

pdwalker said...

The universal franchise in a representative democracy has turned out to be a complete failure.

After this system collapses (and it will, violently), we will need a new form of government - perhaps one that can take advantage of technology, assuming we can still turn the lights on after the fall.

Col. B. Bunny said...

UK Houston, that makes the point more explicitly.

My sentiments on the 19th A. are much like yours. I am ambivalent on the matter as I can name a bunch of sterling women who are just excellent in their thinking and fearless in their advocacy. Katie Hopkins, Ann Coulter, Ingrid Carlqvist, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Sharyl Attkison, Diana West, Brigitte Gabriel, Julia Gorin, Pam Geller, Ann Barnhardt, Laura Ingraham, Carla Ortiz, Lauren Southern, Victoria Villarruel, and the like. The fact remains, however, that millions of women fanatically support the Dems who are all in for abortion and all hope for an enlightened women's vote pretty much founder on that rock. It's a bizarre, distorted, and distorting issue where modern women declare in favor of killing babies. That they don't see the delivering and nurturing of babies as their central role is -- but the exact opposite in fact -- is reason enough to remove such people from the rolls on grounds of dementia.

In Colonial times it's my understanding that there were in fact women who voted because they met the property ownership qualification. Wherever we circle the wagons again in the future that might be a good start to try to re-introduce common sense into politics.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Oldfart, the language you supplied is identical to the language I used. Sorry to be dense but did you intend to add different language? If you did, by all means do so, please.

Col. B. Bunny said...

NITZAKHON, I've never understood the logic of yard signs. I that's where the voter is finding out what one of his options are then that's a clueless voter. Similarly, if you know the options but you see many signs with one name on it, does that mean you'll vote for that person because "everybody's doing it"? Again, not an approach that inspires confidence.

I love the idea of citizenship testing before voting. The phenomenon that Jay Leno and others illustrate with their street interviews is astonishing. I think the article from which I took my introductory quote has a particularly horrific example of abject voter ignorance. (E.g., N. Korea is in Australia.)

We're killing people overseas in the name of protecting "democracy" or spreading "our values." The least we could do is oil the gears of our precious system and keep morons from interfering. You have to answer a whole bunch of questions to get a driver's license but are required to do no such thing when the activity bears directly on the health of the republic.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Pdwalker. Exactly. There are a lot of assumptions about what's the right approach to law, government, society, and the economy. Great wealth and, in particular, our status after WWII as an unscathed, massive industrial power enabled such assumptions to escape scrutiny because we could afford literally ANYTHING. Too, the so-called civil rights revolution was and is a fraud. Nothing was accomplished but flooding the underclass with free money and benefits and chaining the white majority with laws that made us second-class citizens in our own country.

A la Herb Stein, to whose common sense observation on the limits on imprudence Fran alluded in a recent post, we can't continue to worship fairy tales. Solzhenitsyn was a bit more severe when he said, "Live not by lies." Which is exactly what we do in spades of course.

It's a shame Trump is not more of a reflective man with intellectual depth (like us, of course). The nation needs some original thinking but it's not forthcoming except in the interstices of the web. Round Two, to which you refer, looks like it's going to be a 50-car pileup on the interstate with people just staggering randomly out of the wreckage to make do with what they happened to store in their trunks as an afterthought.