Saturday, May 2, 2020

A Really Crazy Story Idea

I've been deprived of sleep over the last week or so, thinking about a wild story idea that has NO relation to reality:

Leftist meet and design a plot to put secret Leftists around the tech millionaires. Good-looking, intelligent women whose ambition seems solely to make their husband happy and bear him children who will succeed him. She is pretty, but not movie-star pretty. She is smart, but, surprisingly not personally ambitious. Most of the men are captured in the plot - they marry the woman, she does bear him children, and they live a very happy life.

Over time, those women take up Good Works. They pick a Cause - perhaps Global Climate Change, or World Peace, or Saving the World's Children. That cause is - oh so coincidentally - one that the tech mogul may have expressed some interest in helping. She gently encourages HIS taking charge of making that goal happen in his lifetime. She helps HIM decide to set up a foundation, and graciously sacrifices her potential inheritance to his charitable goals.

When he cashes in, or dies, she takes control. And, AMAZINGLY, she expresses disinterest in providing a sizable inheritance for her children, instead directing most of the money towards that charitable fund. For the children's own good, of course.

Those foundations are Leftist in design and aim. Which aim just HAPPENS to be in sync with the goals of other Leftists. Over time, a substantial part of those tech billions is funneled to the Left. That syphons money out of capitalism, and towards socialism.

The wifey was a Leftist mole, put in place to extract money from America, and direct it to Leftist causes. The plan targeted these naive and awkward men, in order to create a money stash to bring about the downfall of the West.

But, of course, this could NEVER happen in real life.

Could it?


James said...

Well done, Miss Linda. Write it.

I spent the most part of 3 years in and around Silicon Valley in the 80s, and the number of bright and very bright geeky men who were on the upward track of tech was stupefying. The quantity of them who were single was the great majority, I'd say 70+ percent, including those with imaginary girl friends.

The greater communist agenda for taking over the West, most assuredly the US, has a long history of "swallow" agents and complicit American born socialists. I can see a large number of college age femmes - the vast majority being Left to Far Left - wanting to play this game.

If only someone had written them an instruction manual for this takeover. Hmm . . .

Seems 1984 really was an instruction manual, and Bladerunner was a template. What else was really behind the scenes?

I think you'll have more than a few readers. Time to burn up some electrons.

Linda Fox said...

Might not make a full novel - maybe a short, or a novella. But, yeah, it intrigues me and I may pursue it.