Friday, May 29, 2020

Untitled 2020-05-29

     As I begin this piece, I have no idea what it will eventually be titled. It will have a title, of course; I just can’t conceive of an appropriate one at this moment. For the most appropriate title, the perfect title, would succinctly express all the following:

     There’s video, and plenty of it. For those who don’t have the time or inclination to watch those videos – available on YouTube — have a summary of the high points:

  • The rioters attacked retail stores, which they looted and burned.
  • Thereafter they attacked and destroyed police vehicles.
  • They invaded a police precinct headquarters and set it on fire.
  • The rioters were almost 100% black.

     Yes, George Floyd was black. Yes, the officer who killed him deserves to face justice for it – twenty years to life’s worth of justice. Yes, given his prior record of misconduct, police oversight authorities ought to have taken Derek Chauvin’s badge and gun away from him long ago. There are many in the Minneapolis city government who should be called to account...though given the political state of affairs in that city and in Minnesota generally, there’s considerable question whether any of them will be.

     But that does not justify a horde of rioters and looters wreaking widespread destruction on the city of Minneapolis. It does not justify calling rioters and looters as “protestors,” as if they had merely assembled to “peaceably petition for a redress of grievances,” and thus equating them to wholly peaceable citizen groups who’ve assembled to protest the lockdowns. And it’s a whole universe distant from justifying encouraging the rioters by attributing their lawlessness to “racial inequality.”

     I will entertain absolutely no dissent on this.

     George Floyd is being made into another Trayvon Martin, another Michael Brown ...another Freddie Gray. All four men were black. All four were lawbreakers. And in their deaths all four have become useful to those who seek power and profit from the incitement of racial violence.

     But don’t you dare, you ofay honky paleass oppressor, you, to doubt the “legitimate grievances” of “African-Americans” over “inequality.” Don’t you dare to voice a word of dissent about The Narrative as it issues forth from Our Pious Cadre Of Mainstream Commentators. Your opinions are invalid, and deserve no hearing. Your very skin color convicts you of the most heinous crimes imaginable, so who would listen to you?

     I keep telling these idiots – the black savages doing the rioting and the white racialist mouthpieces that seek political advantage by striving to exculpate them — exactly what they’re courting. I can see it; why can’t they? Well, yes: some of them are literally of sub-rational intelligence, but surely not all. What makes the ones with three or more functioning brain cells think that, when the pustule finally bursts and white Americans decide they’ve had enough, they will be spared? Those who have excused – or worse, encouraged – the black miscreants doing their level best to persuade us that the white and black races cannot possibly share a nation will share the fates of those miscreants, despite their shortage of melanin.

     There will be a reckoning. No one will like it. But some of us will like it better than others...and some much less.

     Yes, I’m angry. I had a special affection for Minneapolis. I’ve done business there. I still have friends there. I can’t imagine what the decent and law-abiding residents of the city have been thinking. Just as happened in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland, their city has been transformed into a war zone.

     To anyone who doubts that there’s a race war in progress: I hope you’ve been paying attention. The battle lines are getting clearer by the instant. Make sure you know which side of them you’d prefer to be on – and then make sure those you regard as your allies know it.

     Damn it all, I still don’t have a title for this piece. Oh well. Have a nice day.


sykes.1 said...

Not quite 100% black.

Some of the videos show a significant number of young white people joining in. Minneapolis is a socialist/marxist strong point, so that some young whites are part of a mostly black mob should be expected.

Pascal said...

Because mine has been tested for quite some time it has left me troubled if personally There's A Limit To Forbearance. Perhaps because it's highly unlikely you'll use it, consider it yours as a gift for lightening my load simply by informing me I'm not alone and isolated in my inclinations.

The line reminds me too much of that clock posted at the phony Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, so I wouldn't go that route.

Better: Matt 25:13 as I feel it is much closer and comes with better credentials.

Troy Smith said...

I wonder what Justine Damond would have to say about all this?


I am, as I've said on my blog, about as lily white as you can get. My wife OTOH is not white, a first-generation immigrant, and a (nominally) Sunni Muslim. I am as non-racist as you can get.

And I'm sick and tired of, because I disagree with the Left on race, being labeled raaaaaaaacist.

I agree 100%: based on all the evidence available thus far, this does look like (at least) manslaughter. Given that they worked in the same place, it's likely they knew each other, and thus this could be a personal vendetta coming out. NONE of that justifies the rampant mayhem being seen.

I CCW. I will not hesitate to defend myself, my family, or my community if things get out to where I live. To all invaders: I have a BIIIIG back yard and subscribe to the shoot-shovel-shut up method.

Pascal said...

BPS posted after you did.

Although he did not mention agitprop, his work highlights that it has stepped up several notches. Let us observe that it is because our forbearance invited it and we have long ago granted his opening statement -- that all government is jealous of the right to employ violence.