Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Patriotism And Courage

     Shelley Luther has both.

     Her supporters have started a GoFundMe for her. Let’s make her a millionaire. Maybe we can make that damned tyrant of a judge cower in fear of the wrath of decent Americans!


HoundOfDoom said...

Just took a look @ the go fund me. WOW!

So happy to see all the people contributed. And was proud to join them.

I hope all that read this blog do the same, and show that Americans have each others backs.


Going to make a contribution myself, even though my pay's been cut 30% and my wife's now out of work. (Anyone need a good engineering consultant?)

I look at this judge, and the cops enforcing separation orders*, etc., and think "Someone needs to tell these people 'Just following orders' didn't work out so well last time".

* I saw an article a few days ago, don't recall where, in which a police office told a couple to separate. The couple replied "We're married and living together" and the cop still mandated that they separate.

Pascal said...

Hurray for Shelley Luther.

Now there's this:

Let's see how this turns out. I couldn't be politics on the part of the Texas AG who sees the turnout at the gofundme page and thought "bandwagon" could it?