Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Quickies: “The Devil…The Prowde Spirit…Cannot Endure To Be Mocked.”

     This says it all – and God bless Kevin James!

     Make it go viral. I promise you, they’ll hate it!


Pascal said...

On point, just got this email from Liberty Council.

By the end of this week, Minnesota will likely have 460 employees hired to track and spy on their fellow citizens—even if they are not sick.

The state of Indiana just finished a push to find 500 employees to spy on innocent Americans in their state. They started training on Monday. This state already grabbed control of at least 16 county-wide surveillance programs and has plans for the rest. The CDC encourages tracking people, even if their only crime was as minimal as being around someone else who was "suspected" of being sick.

"In all, 44 states and the District of Columbia now have plans to expand their contact tracing workforce, reaching a total of 66,197 workers," all here in America according to NPR. Compared to numbers from the previous week, this was "an increase by 30,000 of the number that were planned."

daniel_day said...

Greta's branching out.

Pascal said...

Ugh, Daniel. Proof CNN pays the price of attention whores.

More troubling is This is a scene from the 1940 Movie "Escape."

Robert Taylor's character had come to 1936 Bavaria to find his missing mother. He has asked a famous attorney, a personal friend of the mother, for help in finding her. Link. (Apologies for the poor quality, but it is understandable enough.)

What is significant about this clip -- even more so than 7 years ago -- is how YOU TODAY would go about heeding that attorney's pleading advice.

Don't answer all at once.