Monday, May 11, 2020

Comeuppance Chronicles

     At last we have a story “big enough” to displace the Wuhan virus from the ledes of our news media: the exoneration of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn on the charge of having lied to the FBI. President-elect Trump had tapped General Flynn for his National Security Advisor. The thugs of the outgoing Obamunist Administration immediately targeted Flynn for takedown, whether out of spite or in the hope that it would open Trump to a lethal attack.

     One of the heroes of this correction of a grotesque injustice is Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who has succeeded in opening all the relevant records of the affair to public scrutiny. Those records paint a clear and staggeringly ugly picture: Obama’s henchmen in the FBI and DoJ deliberately crafted a “perjury trap” designed to snare Flynn. They even took note of their intentions in handwritten records that leave no doubt of their intentions.

     The following four pieces summarize the plot against General Flynn and its progression over time:

     Please read them all. In combination, they are absolutely damning…and there are surely more revelations, more maneuvering, and more thrusts, parries, and ripostes yet to come.

     Prior to this I would not have thought that a partisan attack on a single administration figure could become the fulcrum around which the levers of power would turn. Yet it is so, because the persons who orchestrated and executed that attack were too certain of ultimate victory to conceal their work and the paper trail they left behind. They're not just arrogant, they're arrogant fools.

     Note that the Democrats have already rallied the communications and entertainment industries behind them, and all singing the same tune: "the rule of law is at stake." But the rule of law is a simple thing. It says that no man is exempt from the requirements of the law: no more and no less. These miscreants are striving to deceive their audiences about that simple proposition: an insult to the intelligence of anyone who survived a high-school education. Arrogant, contempt-filled fools.

     The open lying is the worst of it. Nadler & Co. claiming that “The evidence against General Flynn is overwhelming,” when in fact there is no evidence whatsoever that Flynn committed any prosecutable offense of any variety, is utter idiocy. Arrogant, contempt-filled, irremediably stupid fools.

     These, America, are the members of your would-be Political Elite. Your Establishment. Your self-nominated Ruling Class. Most of them have held their positions, or offices of comparable stature, for many years, usually without ever being seriously challenged. And you put them there.


     A full schedule of comeuppances for the partisan thugs who targeted General Flynn, bankrupted him, and coerced him into a guilty plea by threatening his family will require federal indictments, trials, convictions, and prison sentences for all involved,. There’s certainly enough evidence to indict and try them all, from the Strzok / Page “FBI insurance brokers and love combine” right up to the McCabes and Comeys of the outgoing administration. Yet Roger Kimball, one of the most observant and incisive of today’s commentators, thinks retribution of a satisfactory grade is a forlorn hope:

     You would have to go far down the Democratic food chain—to a Peter Strzok or a Lisa Page—before you get to someone dispensable enough to be thrown under the bus.

     Which is why retribution is a fond hope. The best we can hope for is a general disillusionment and erosion of authority in the public’s acquiescence to rule by the Deep State. That would undoubtedly be a victory, the more thoroughgoing the disillusionment, the better. Doubtless, retribution, in the form of indictments, would be more satisfying. But politics, as Bismarck observed, is the art of the possible.

     In other words, Kimball thinks it more likely that “the system will protect its own.” We’ll need to content ourselves with a couple of sacrificial lamb low-level figures. But in this lies the true import of the rule of law: that high elevation in the government must not and shall not immunize the perpetrators of infamies. Should our “justice system” shield those high-level malefactors, it will be an occasion for rebellion.

     If these club-footed, thumb-fingered morons aren't prosecuted for their crimes, the Republic is lost. If any of them survives prosecution, the lesson to future generations will be that the only real crime is getting caught without having connections enough to get you off. Success, be it remembered, breeds emulation.

     Buy stock in construction-grade lumber and stout hemp rope. You can always use it for a treehouse or a garden shed.


SWVAguy said...

One wonders how, after all this, anyone can support any democrat. Granted, the republicans haven't shown themselves to be paragons of virtue either. They could have stopped the Russia hoax in its tracks, but didn't. Maybe they feared "collusion" was real and wanted to be on the "right side of history."
Maybe if the country wasn't preoccupied with Ukraine, we would have been better prepared for the Chinese virus.
If heads don't roll, we're liable to see citizen firing squads.
By the way, why should you or I obey ANY law?

ontoiran said...

if there's no public justice it didn't happen


Francis: You've GOT to see this video.

BWAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I can only hope.

Andy Texan said...

President Trump must bring the hammer down on demoncrap governors for their slow walking the economic restart and trampling human rights. He should tie all future aid to an immediate restart and threaten them with RECONSTRUCTION 2020.