Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Some Strange Stuff Goin' Round

Rat Hepatitis in Humans - no, really.

The idea of pandemics that will wipe out humanity aren't a new thing. I was born in 1951, and watched movies with nasty stuff that would kill all of humanity. No biggie. (I had a hard-core afternoon habit. Found out, years later, that my parents sent my brother and me to the shows just to have a few hours alone. The result was a 10-years-younger brother, and his little sister, 2 years later).

But, yeah, killer bugs, killer storms, killer atomic attacks that turned reptiles into giant killing machines - eh. Happened all the time. Along with the Pod People - great film, BTW. The original, not that cheesy re-make with Donald Sutherland.

But, it's looking kinda dicey right now. Russia and China, out to get us. Spies in universities. Killer epidemics, possibly triggered by bio-engineered microbes.

And, attempted coups in American government - I mean, I saw those movies, and the villains were the right-wing plotters against the president. But, it turns out that the REAL villains were the Commies and other Leftists, just like Hoover and McCarthy said they would be.

Imagine that.

Meanwhile, about the Flynn Lynching - I mean, Entirely Lawful and Proper Conviction of a Horrible Criminal - the commenters are going wild on Twitchy.

It seems the judge - Judge Sullivan - apparently used a Different Set of Legal Procedures. One in which the prosecution having LOST EVIDENCE doesn't seem to qualify the accused to have his case dismissed, with prejudice. That term - with prejudice - means that the prosecution is forbidden from coming back for another bite at the apple.

Who is Judge Sullivan? He's a judge that has no hesitation in using his authority against anyone who he believes has acted improperly.

You could certainly argue that his actions were not favorable to Flynn. He has a long history with controversial trials, including the Stevens trial, where he threw out the verdict when presented with evidence of prosecutorial misconduct.

His record is one in which he has upheld the rights of defendants over government attempts to bypass the judiciary.

So, that makes people wonder why he is not just dismissing the case against Flynn now.

Well, I think that ignores the pace of many courts - sluggish and in no hurry. True, Sullivan has acted quickly, at times, even ordering a plane to turn around and return an illegal alien from an attempt to deport her. The case was in his court, and, by God, HE was going to adjudicate it. So, he can act decisively, when indicated.

So, why not now?

I'm thinking about the outcome from dragging this out. By not ruling immediately on this, but waiting for the government to bring in the 'missing 302', Sullivan has brought this back into the headlines. He puts many, many employees of the FBI and DOJ in the spotlight, where they have to justify their actions - under oath.

Could this be a sneaky way of putting some sunlight on the Flynn case, and the Deep State's effort to subvert the Constitution?

Or, is he just another Leftist holdover, trying vainly to find some pretext to convict without a crime? I might think so, were it not for his actions on the Ted Stevens case. There, he called out the prosecution for their illegal and shoddy attempt to railroad the former Senator.

Most likely, any benefit this is giving the non-Left is purely accidental.

Speaking of Strange Stuff, John Wilder - Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise - has a funny, and true, explanation of what the economy is going through.

One of his previous posts on economics. John Wilder makes his points with humor - low-end, punny humor.

And, it works.

Fran posted on the Upcoming Revolt Against the Entitled Elites. He's ready, and chomping at the bit for the rest of us to reach that point.

It may not happen. It might, whether in our lifetime, or not. Either way, my ability to affect the timing, or outcome, is slight.

But, you never know. Could anyone have predicted that the decisive action of the men at King's Mountain would prove to be the pivot point it was? In just 65 minutes, the course of the seemingly unstoppable British forces were changed, and the American side survived, to eventually succeed in kicking out their Overlords.

PBS has a great show on that battle. I saw it the day my husband and I got our Lifetime National Park passes (the price has gone up quite a bit since then - we got them for $10 apiece). Very well done, and, unlike most PBS shows today, it's actually pro-American.

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