Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Yet Another Reason to Distrust China

YAR-DC, in fact.

Xenophobic? Piffle. I like individual Chinese people (and other Asians) just fine.

But, I do distrust those living here, who have left hostages in China, or other countries. They should NOT be in charge of research, nor employed by research facilities without strict controls over their access to proprietary information.

America was the source of many of the technological inventions/discoveries of the late 19th and 20th century. In too many cases, China is now the manufacturer of products that developed out of those advances. In some cases, companies made deals with China under the gun - either share the info with China, or lose it through industrial spying. At least by making that deal, the company got a portion of the profit.

We need to continue with these investigations. It's worth it for the federal government to partner with the companies (although, charging the companies for the government's assistance in rooting out the spies, and prosecuting and deporting them, might be reasonable).

One major conduit for spies - the research universities - may be ending. Require any foreign student used for that purpose have an investigation of their background, and keep them under surveillance for the duration of their stay in the US.

Make it harder for companies to hire foreign nationals of ANY country. That includes the many, many Indian workers that inhabit the tech industry. Require that they be hired at standard industry pay, WITH bennies. Any extension of their visa must be accompanies by proof of recruitment of American workers. Use the "disparate impact" standard - if Americans do not constitute a fair portion of the employees in every job category, the company has engaged in illegal practices in hiring, and will lose their ability to hire those with visas.

The goal is to limit - severely - any use of visas, until the 3% level of unemployment is hit.


Anonymous said...

When Chinese nationals, and nationals from other countries, become largely barred from working in research - which is absolutely necessary for our national security - those countries will begin recruiting the native Americans who hold those jobs to perform the "information transfer" services (Read: spying) their nationals performed formerly. This will increase the security requirements for those jobs and require a balancing act between reasonable security and witch hunting.

Government is a very blunt instrument, and as we have seen with the FBI (and revelations yet to come) too easily corruptible and prone to malfeasance. What takes the place of government security measures I don't know, but there's no question government cannot be trusted to perform the job properly, at least as the sole agent. "Oversight" by a "blue ribbon commission" of "handpicked experts" would merely institutionalize the corruption, incompetence and malfeasance well below line of sight of the public.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Make it so.