Monday, May 18, 2020

The Rot Goes Deep - Obamagate is Just the Surface

I urge you to read this - The New Neocon is a long-time favorite of mine.

I add the graphic below, not because I believe that Nixon was so much worse than his predecessors, but, because Nixon has served, for years, as The Bogeyman for Democrats. His name causes horrified faces to spring up among the Properly Socialized. To couple his face with their Anointed One is a calculated and deliberate insult.



I love and appreciate the depth of the insult! :)

I want to add something to Neo's musings. Remember the "access Hollywood" tape? Let me pose a question:

What kind of person records another person, then holds onto it unused for, what, ten-odd years? "Just in case"?

If I can relate a personal anecdote which, forgive me, I may have cited before. Back in the day when the local paper used disqus I'd lock horns with some of the local libs. One day, I posted something on a racial matter, and within just a few minutes someone posted a quote from a comment I'd made over a year ago "proving" (of course) that I was a raaaaaaacist.

You can only imagine, in that time, I'd amassed a significant volume of comments between then and that day. So I can ONLY CONCLUDE surmise this person was keeping a file on me that they could easily search through for "background info".

I'm a frickin' nobody. I don't hold office, I never have, I (probably) never will. Yet apparently my argumentation was effective enough, threatening enough, for this person to decide to keep a dossier on me.

I remember people with whom I've locked horns, but I don't have the time or energy to make files on people. That a nobody like me was worthy of that points to a mentality that is truly shudder-worthy. For if the Left will keep files on me, a nobody, what will they keep on people who are actual potential threats, like Trump?

Linda Fox said...

I think the only thing to do is to take the Jessie whats-his-name's stance. When confronted with an 'outrage what-about' accusation, he always responded:

"Yeah, I probably did that - so what?"