Friday, May 15, 2020

Quickies: Words To Deplore By

We’ve confused actors with heroes, currency with wealth, diplomas with intelligence, propaganda with news, indoctrination with education, demands with rights, tyrants with leaders, conformity with diversity, and slander with debate.

It’s a fake world.

— Alice Smith (@TheAliceSmith) May 10, 2020

     She omitted a couple of my pet peeves. But everyone knows I'm an old crank.

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Very well said, that.

THIF Francis and everyone.

Finally managed to convince the wife to let me plant some blackberries. Next year - B"H - we've got Trump in again and I will plant vegetable beds. If Trump's not in, I don't know. I suspect "it" will happen fast, because I see the Left moving to capitalize on their power before all the squishy-middle useful idiots realize what they did with their "D" vote.