Saturday, May 23, 2020

The true scourge.

Tech giant censorship and arrogance are through the roof as any hour on the web will amply demonstrate. YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, no longer make any pretense about principled control of content, not that there is such a thing, other than elimination of criminal activity. As the insightful Caitlin Johnstone correctly observed, free speech is not the freedom to say that butterflies are pretty and puppies are cute.

But, no. The tech giants are 100% about naked censorship to serve the goals of the globalists, the 1%, the plutocrats, and whoever has an interest in controlling information about the corona virus. Do not doubt me on this last point as it's clear that YouTube is clearly on a tear about what is or what is not the correct thing to say about it.

YouTube has been messing with Mr. Praveen Mohan, an intelligent and personable gentleman if ever there were one (much like myself let it be said) since 2017 interfering with his most interesting – and certifiably unobjectionable – content relating to Indian archeology. In a recent video he uncharacteristically chose to express an opinion about the corona virus and it was characteristically taken down by YouTube. He discusses it here.

Something called "misinformation," "fake news," or "hate speech" is now a grave threat to mankind from which our eyes and ears must be protected by wise and benevolent ________.

Particularly on this virus deal, rational people can be forgiven for thinking that the lockdown strategy with its enormous economic and hence personal damage has a purpose that has nothing to do with efficient epidemiological control.


  • the prescience of Bill Gates on a virus epidemic a while back;
  • his sudden bizarre prominence as an epidemiologist cum vaccine fanatic;
  • Dr. Fauci's coincidental relationship with the Gates Foundation;
  • the peculiar "established fact" that there will be a vaccine, it will arrive with lightning speed,it will be effective in a way that all other flu inoculations have not, and that forced administration is just as constitutionally shipshape as anyone fanatically devoted to the cause of liberty can possibly explain;
  • that hydroxychloroquine, a drug safely administered to hundreds of thousands of patients over several decades, is now a sort of pharmaceutical strychnine; and
  • that media discussion of the merits of the official version of the "epidemic" is clearly being restricted and controlled by at least one of the tech giants.

I'm not selling anything here but it does seem to me that this has the earmarks of an agenda backed by a focused propaganda campaign.

But back to the main point. "Thoughts" that don't fit the Correct Narrative are instantly encircled and vaporized by a form of private tyranny. Our diplomats and military love to talk about Iranian proxy forces but our own domestic (and foreign) proxies are not in short supply. Operative hypothesis: the plutocracy uses tech giant censorship as an end run around the First Amendment. Hence the bovine indifference of the government to enforcement of the anti-trust laws and the use of "public utility" concepts to crucify the tech giant censors.

This while tidal waves of the most absurd, sappy, dishonest, deviant, creepy thinking can effortlessly sluice through the culture like [a barnyard image illustrating something that transits rapidly].

Why is that? The vile plutocracy in which we live now seeks to suffocate us with lies and destroy anyone who objects. When Solzhenitsyn warned us "Live not by lies" he probably thought that he had witnessed the ultimate example of a nation that did just that. When he later came to the United States, I think he realized that the Soviets were pikers when it came to lies and vicious control.

Our true scourge.

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