Friday, May 15, 2020

This SCREAMS for a Major Punking!

Washington state has implemented draconian isolation procedures for all citizens. I'm not kidding, it could potentially paralyze public movement for YEARS.

As the person reporting the contact is anonymous, I think all people should have a list of people in the state government, from Governor Inslee on down, and, if given a positive test:

  • Find out who might have been somewhere near them on the list. The more ambitious might stalk a few people, and arrange to be in the same place.
  • Add that person to their "I've Been in Contact With" list that is given to the FluStapo.
  • Watch, gleefully, as either the government is shut down by the very orders they set up, or, they are forced to rescind the orders. Win-Win.
Alinsky Rule # - Make the Enemy Live Up to its Own Book of Rules.

Guys, we need to use this time as a way of coming up with some MAJOR PRANKS that screw with the Nanny-State. Post your own ideas in the comments. I may have to put them in a Guerrilla Resistance pamphlet, and post it on SmashWords.

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