Saturday, May 9, 2020

Yeah, That's What I Was Thinking

What's that?

That the NEXT Deep State to surface and mess with the upcoming election would be the CDC.

They're in Tag Team Deep State Maneuvers, and it's not going to let up until the election - I kid, I kid, it won't end until the last Zombie Leftist is splattered in pieces, twitching in the road.

It's past time to realize we are not close to Civil War 2.0, we've been deep in it for a long time. This is just the latest manifestation of it. Anytime the non-Left seem poised to elect someone not fully co-opted by the Left, they jump in - weaponizing the Media to destroy him, prodding their comrades in other countries to spark off a war that America just HAS to get into (and, which will Happenstantially not only tank the President's domestic program, but drive us deeper in debt and further enmeshed with regulations and agencies), sending out the signals to their Deep State Wealthy Partners (DSWP) to attack the economy and drive it into crisis, and/or blackmail him/key players in his administration/judges.

ALL of the above has happened. By the time of BJ Clinton's presidency, it had become a well-oiled and practiced strategy.

With Trump's election, he got the Full Treatment. On Steroids.

Sounds paranoid, doesn't it?

Two things to remember:

  • Even paranoids have enemies, and,
  • That was how they got the first honest-to-God Conservative - Barry Goldwater - to be defeated. They tagged him as paranoid, with the cooperation of the Media and the Psychological Establishment. But,
    • The Leftists WERE in government - their ideological heirs still are.
    • Vietnam was a winnable war (if winning was defined as assisting the South until they were able to take over, then getting the hell out - while containing to provide weapon support).
    • Wall Street was on board with the Left. They benefited hugely from the Great Society changes.
    • A small portion of his convention speech:
      • "We are plodding at a pace set by centralized planning, red tape, rules without responsibility, and regimentation without recourse.

        Rather than useful jobs in our country, people have been offered bureaucratic make-work; rather than moral leadership, they have been given bread and circuses; they have been given spectacles, and, yes, they've even been given scandals." Sounds very much like the Obama Years.
      • If Sen. McCain had been 1/10 the man Goldwater was, he would have won. But, if he had been 1/10 of that man, he also wouldn't have voted down the repeal of Obamacare. Among other things.
So, where do we go from here?

I suggest we tend to our own lives, rebuilding our finances as best as we can for now. Plant a garden, and learn to can what you grow. Restock your pantry. Supply your bug-out bag. Get a generator.

All of the above are things that you might normally do, and none of this involves caves, dried food, or stockpiling guns (although having 1 or 2 is not a BAD idea, given the potential for food instability in the future).

But, most importantly, make connections - in your neighborhood, church, job - if you're lucky enough to still have one, and family. Make yourself known as the guy who is not extreme and prone to 'go off' on a rant at every get-together, but one who can calmly listen to concerns, and make gentle suggestions about programs/legislation that WON'T solve the problem. Gently guide them to come to the same conclusions you have. But, remember, you've been hearing from alternative thinkers for some time. This will all be new to most of them.

But - and I MEAN this - don't waste your time trying to persuade the hard-core Left. Even if they're blood kin. Don't do it. You'll not succeed. Sadly, those people will have to learn the hard way.

Instead, focus on those who agree with your thinking, or are, at least, persuadable - strategize on ways to survive, and to keep the election as honest as possible. Manage community protection, and know who can be counted on in a crisis. 

Expect that crisis - it will likely be an October "Surprise". It will be designed to make Trump look bad, and be serious enough to threaten your family's welfare - could be food shortages, medical emergencies, disruption of the economy/banking, or even exploitation of a natural - or not so natural - disaster.

Have a way to communicate, should the telephone/cell systems unexpectedly go down one fine day. FRS - Family Radio Service - equipment, the kind school personnel and the mall cops use, is the go-to. It's cheap, easy to use, and even the inexpensive radios have the standard 14 channels, AND sub-channels. It's POSSIBLE to block it, but, they wouldn't bother, as the blocking would also affect their technology. The range is relatively short, but your need is for the local area.

If you need to supplement for distance, make friends with the local radio guys. Start with the local clubs - many of them will be in sympathy with you (a lot of them have military experience). You might want to encourage others you know, particularly those that are house-bound, or not able to fully participate in outside activities, to get a license, and start practicing. If you can pass the hat for the cost of an HF radio (used, about $700-$1000), that's a good idea.

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I have some suppositions of what "might" happen. Whether as a surprise specifically in October, or through the year - remember, they're looking to make people desperate. Desperate people look for a lifeline.