Saturday, May 16, 2020

What Happens If Nothing Happens?

That's the title of an astute post by Taxicab Depressions.[1] He briefly highlights the major points of the recent and ongoing coup d'etat (sic) orchestrated by our vile political class, which group includes our for-the-most-part spineless Republicans let it be said. Then he provides a backdrop of attacks by official America on some brave citizens and some other government crimes and derelictions.

The point is that talk of lowering the boom on the most recent toads is old hat. Lois Lerner pleaded the Fifth, no less, but somehow the case against her was a landmine of sophisticated and thrice-diced sorrowful objections to actually doing something about her, other than allowing her to retire will full honors and a state dinner. Just too complicated, y'all.

Taxicab Depression's list is an astute list of unaddressed abuses that paints a stark picture of the impregnable fortress behind whose walls our Beautiful People safely reside, free of accountability. On the ghastly abandonment of our brave servants in Benghazi I can point to the simple matter of the location and actions of Hillary Clinton and our communist-mentored and –advised president as it got started and played out. To this day, that information remains behind billowing clouds of smoke and phalanxes of FOIA denials. Do you have any sense after all the sturm und drang of the subsequent "inquiry" that anyone was held accountable or even that the most likely responsible people were even identified? I'll wait.

Heck, weren't there some 20 American officials who were spirited out of Libya and sworn to secrecy? Who were they, where did they go, and who zippered their lips? No one knows. To this day. The mother's milk of cub reporters you might think but the mighty engines of the MSM have not been up to the task of ploughing any furrow on that perilous bit of real estate.

My skepticism as regards the presently-unfolding Barr-Durham "prosecution" is great, not least because of the strange absence of the classic prosecutorial technique of proceeding against the small fry and then moving on up the line to reach the sharks and squids. Heck, the perjury involved in the FISA court applications and the falsification of the Flynn 302s are discrete matters that cry out for assignment to junior trainee prosecutors. Yet, nothing.

Mueller lost no time in crucifying Flynn, Manafort, and Stone and certainly had no qualms about "tipping his hand." Not that there was any hand to tip. Vindictive prosecution was the order of the day. Die scum-sucking denizens of the Trump orbit!

What we have, it is not unreasonable to conclude, is a the appearance of a Great Stall, a muffled running out of the clock. If it's clear that Trump will win the day in November again, that's one thing, and there's time to burn (provided there are no oopsies about the running of the statutes of limitation). But his re-election is anything but clear given demographic trends and Dem devotion to vote fraud. Mail-in ballots and registering of illegals and all that. So if the presidency goes to whatever clown or hyena the Dems can disgorge, then it's a certainty that, even if some feeble gesture in the direction of prosecuting the Lovely Ladies and Studly Studs of the social, banking, and political firmament is made, the new president will summarily shut down everything like a genocidal beauty salon in a flu epidemic.

No need to rush these things, I always say, and Burr and Durham can keep us all in suspense for months yet while they contemplate the spheres.

The only thing that makes me think that Durham might be legitimately pursuing an honest course is that announcing a hang-fire, "nothing here but us chickens" prosecutorial investigation would involve an eventual display of cowardice, dishonesty, political corruption, and contempt for the rule of law that no decent man would ever want associated with his name. The same for recent additions to his team of a few heavy-duty prosecutors. Were I one of those prosecutors I would not lend my name to this enterprise without rock-solid assurances that it's legit. I have no reason to believe Durham is less than an honorable man. I think an honorable man could not take a fall of that magnitude unless, perhaps, he were threatened with Skripalization or Sethrichitude.

A productive effort would be gratifying and as head-clearing for the American experiment as a squirt of wasabi sauce up the nose but, given the litany of prior finessifications, I have my doubts that this is how it's going to go down in the final analysis. Trump seems to have little sense of the magnitude of the crimes committed in the cause of removing him from power, early on having been more interested in Twitter wars with Rosie O'Donnell than being president. Sad! And his passivity in using his pardon power for his allies in the face of clear prosecutorial abuse reveals he has no concept of his historical opportunity or what it takes to cut the [garbage] in Washington, which is mountainous. Whatever happens won't benefit from presidential involvement.

So the question at the end of Taxicab Depression's post is most assuredly on the table – "What happens if nothing happens?" My answer would be that if nothing happens it will be crystal clear that the American political class is irretrievably committed to the destruction of the Constitution, the rule of law, the Republic, and the abandonment of any pretense that we enjoy a nation with a shred of popular sovereignty. Even now the Solid Ones have figured that that isn't rain they're feeling on their backs. And that the 1% view us all with undisguised contempt. Those are views that are dangerous to augment.

[1] "What Happens If Nothing Happens?" By Taxicab Depressions, 1/30/20.

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