Monday, May 18, 2020

The Masks Are Off Dept.

     One of the tests those on the Left cannot pass is the substitution test: When they cite whites / men / Christians as the source of some problem, quote them exactly – but first:

  • If they blame whites, change it to blacks.
  • If they blame men, change it to women.
  • If they blame Christians, change it to Muslims.

     But don’t mention those substitutions until people have had a chance to react to the “quote:” say, about two hundred words further into your statement. The reactions are always entertaining.

     Consider the following brief clip, in which a certain Dr. Carol Baker, who was appointed Chair of the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in 2009, addresses the National Meningitis Association on May 9, 2016:

     Imagine if she’d said – with or without any prefatory comments – that it’s incumbent upon us to “get rid of blacks.” She might not have survived the evening. But as it was whites she targeted for extinction, her audience chuckled at her remark.

     No one dares talk about the high propensity of young black males toward crimes of violence, crimes against property, and crimes against whites.
     No one dares talk about women’s dominant role in the deterioration of families, their dissolution, their use of sexual harassment accusations to target innocent men, or the complete elimination of the rights of fathers.
     No one dares talk about Muslims’ aggressive campaign for special privileges for Muslims, including time off work for prayer, absolution from duties non-Muslims must accept, and the exclusion of secular law enforcement from Muslim-dominated districts.

     Whites / Men / Christians: If you want this to stop – if you want to eliminate preferential treatment for blacks, women, and Muslims to cease, and for bigotry and violence toward whites, men, and Christians to become unacceptable – there’s only one way to proceed: you must become as militant, as angry and as stridently vocal about it, as are black militants, feminist militants, and Muslims (all of whom are militants whether or not they admit to it; it’s in the Koran). You must undertake the same tactics: the editorializing, the boycotts, and the public demonstrations. More, you must be willing to discriminate in favor of yourselves.

     Nothing else will suffice.



I have in my arsenal, thanks to my late father, precisely this concept - something I call "Flip it"!

doubletrouble said...

AND, after all, we *are* the Church Militant...


And the "Synagogue militant"? :D