Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ful frontal lunacy.

Is this the kind of disaster from which we can recover? Has a clumsy, ill-informed response to a new strain of the flu ensured another even more disastrous depression?

The cretins who pass for our political leadership are today introducing a $3 trillion COVID-19 relief bill and a China sanctions bill. Koko the gorilla or a drag queen recruited from Children’s Hour at the New York Public Library could do a better job of managing our national affairs.

This frenzy of panic, pearl clutching, recrimination, tech giant censorship, short-sighted shoveling of money into every gaping maw, and immiseration of millions of Americans is astonishing but not to the parasite class. Stay tuned for an orgy of breast beating and hair tearing about the hideous dangers of “populism” soon to be embraced by the missing links at NASCAR races, Bible studies, gun stores, and Dollar Store Salathons.

These IYI swine are holding the steering wheel for now but wait a bit more and see what happens when the productive people of this country get it into their heads that a little furniture breaking would be entertaining.

This isn’t a catastrophe unique to the special circumstances of this particular moment. The spread and virulence of this flu are alarming but hardly unique in the scheme of things. Still this episode of a bad flu has pulled aside the curtain of what has become an expensive century-long Chinese fire drill of a national experience. I don't know what's laughable about Chinese fire drills but for some reason they seem to symbolize human chaos. Hold that thought.

What we see is biblical in nature understood either as demonstrating the truth of the warning that God will not be mocked or as the final bankruptcy of the experiment with man’s arrogant presumption that our will, knowledge, and powers of reason are such as to justify endless interference in the natural order of things and the abandonment of millennia of human experience.

If you’re not convinced that this is part of the long-term degradation of America, then consider this graph:

If you think that tippy top data point at the far right of that graph is going to bend down, let alone dramatically or soon, chances are you’re a recent visitor to Planet Earth.

Here will soon lie the smoking remains of New Deals, Fair Deals, Great Societies, ententes, sanctions, war to end all wars, living constitutions, propositional nations, the worship of minorities and foreigners, open borders, the majesty of Islam, the worship of financial twiddling, the vision of the worker as tax donkey, global warming, globalism ("We love China!"), open societies, central banking, uber-monopoly, climate change, family destruction, government schools, the regulatory state, Fedzilla, EUzilla, exceptionalism, the general will, regime change, democratic centralism, the dictatorship of the proletariat, underclass parasitism, judicial corruption (“It’s all interstate commerce.”), corporate hostility and excess, neoliberalism, neoneoliberalism, neopostneoliberalism, neocolonialism, female cage fighters, toxic feminism, sacramental abortion, “gender,” the worship of deviants, and the wholesale flight from truth.

The truth that cannot be handled by modern Western man is that life’s realities cannot be vanished by politicians (no matter how many retards vote for them), stupidity is like crabgrass, and that death bats last.

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H/t for the graphic to "Fiscal Disaster: US April Deficit Hits Record $738BN As Government Spends $1 Trillion In One Month." By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, 5/12/20.

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