Friday, May 15, 2020

And, So It Begins

Many people don't remember the origins of totalitarian systems. One of their first moves was to set up a system of informers - people whose job it was to monitor non-compliant people, and report them for their actions.

Those actions might be minor - a mild criticism of the quality of the available food, a complaint about having to attend yet another meeting of the Woke, a decision that their family would attend a non-approved church.

It's been done in the former Soviet Union and its satellites, China, Cuba - the usual list of harshly suppressive countries. It happened in the South, towards slaves - AND those who didn't fall in line with the slaveowners' side. They gave preference - extra food, space in better schools for their children, social status - for some people to spy on and report back on those who might be inclined to revolt against an oppressive government. Heck, it didn't even require readiness to revolt.

Just to not be slavishly, fearfully in line with whatever Massa wanted.

Americans are being prodded to set up this spy system "for the good of others". It's being promoted as the only way to manage this epidemic.

Don't believe them - the ones promoting this are also the ones that are willing to throw people in jail, without due process, if they encounter resistance.

And, what do you want to bet that MOST of them will be middle-class women and their 'allies'?

Do you really want the choice to become - either comply with Karen, Chad, and Shaun'tae - or the system will come down on you with full force. And, those who survived Waco and Ruby Ridge know what "full force" can mean.

Resist NOW.

Before it's too late.

For those who question whether we've truly met that point, I suggest you read this.


Francis W. Porretto said...

There is still a way out of this...but today's Americans are almost all too cowardly, too squeamish, or both to make use of it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I trust it involves watering the tree of liberty.