Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Just Because

     …we could all use an extra blessing or two, these days:

The wanderer has far to go
Humble must he constant be
Where the paths of wisdom lead
Distant is the shadow of the setting sun

Bless the daytime
Bless the night
Bless the sun which gives us light
Bless the thunder
Bless the rain
Bless all those who cause us pain

Yellow stars may lead the way
All diversions lead astray
While his resolution holds
Fortune and good will will surely follow him

Bless the free man
Bless the slave
Bless the hero in his grave
Bless the soldier
Bless the saint
Bless all those whose hearts grow faint

[David Cousins]

     For healing.
     For deliverance from fear.
     For endurance in the face of trial.
     For the courage to do what you must, however difficult.
     For the good in yourself to come forward, and help you to stand fast.
     But pray. For we have far to go.

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