Thursday, January 14, 2016

A cataclysm, a new dark ages.

I commend Tiberge at Gallia Watch to you. She is always a source for thoughtful commentary on Europe, esp. France. This is an example:
The reality is that thanks to the political class Europe is entering a new dark age. Sexual assaults were just the latest in a series of catastrophes that EU leaders have inflicted on its peoples.

Through their determination to destroy the traditional concept of nationhood, promote open borders and impose cultural diversity their ideology has brought meltdown to Europe’s economies and terrorism to her streets.

No bunch of anarchists or enemy army could have caused such irreversible damage. The bitter irony is that their pro-immigration, anti-nationhood federalist dogma was borne out of revulsion at the Second World War.

Yet in practice their approach has led to the import of barbarism and anti-Semitism on an epic scale. In the same vein they presented the EU as a means of putting a straitjacket on Germany.

But actually the EU, through its fixation with free movement, has enabled a domineering, race-fixated Teutonic regime to play havoc with all our lives. Europe’s rulers will never admit the failure of their disastrous experiment.

They are desperate to maintain the illusion that multi-culturalism has worked. That is why there was such a ruthless cover-up by German authorities and broadcasters of the Cologne scandal until the news leaked out on social media.

Ridiculously the police at first claimed the New Year celebrations were “largely peaceful” and “relaxed”. The same impulse to mislead and minimise the abuses can be seen throughout the elite.

So the German public broadcaster ZDF justified its early refusal to report the news of the attacks because it did “not want to spread a bad mood. The migrants deserve better”.

The same impulse for deceit was shown by Left-wing commentators who tried to explain away the assaults by reference to poverty and language.

But why on earth is it our duty to accommodate people who contribute nothing but misery and who utterly despise our values?

The authorities can be ruthless when they want. On Saturday in Cologne, police deployed 1,700 officers and used water cannon at a rally organised by anti-immigration protestors.

But craven political correctness means there is no will to show anything like the same toughness towards predatory migrants. And that is why European civilisation is in crisis.

* * * *

. . . A cataclysm has occurred, a turning point, and its impact can be felt everywhere.

"Merkel's destructive folly." By Tiberge, GalliaWatch, 1/13/16.


Avraham said...

As u say the polices and values of Europe were shaped by revulsion about WWII. While people ought to learn from their mistakes. Still learning from mistakes is a kind of negative learning. For positive values it is still important to go to the Bible,

Col. B. Bunny said...

Avraham, I'm not a huge fan of the "war guilt" theory for why Germany acts as it does. A German has told me that I just don't understand the thinking of the Germans and I must defer to him. However, logically I still don't get the idea why I should be somehow responsible for the actions of FDR, Lt. Calley, or even Woodrow Wilson.

You make an interesting point about learning from negative lessons. I think we can see the weakness of that in German today. The government (and many citizens) are hyper-vigilant about Mere Nazi insignia, even dogs trained to give the Nazi salute, but are passive when actual jack boot behavior is demonstrated right now. The form is hated but the substance is tolerated. Please see my post today on German fascism for more of my ideas.

So, yes, it is probably better to search for positive lessons not negative ones. Both are useful but not as effective as being taught with the opposite example.

daniel_day said...

Col. Bunny, I took 3 years of German in university and have puttered with study of the language just often enough over the intervening decades to maintain some ability to read it. I occasionally (every year or two) read articles in the media, usually Der Spiegel, which was the easiest to get hold of wherever I was. The prevailing attitude in Der Spiegel is and was overbearingly Left, as you must already know, and the writers quite often referred to WW2 in tones of not letting their audience forget German guilt for the war.
A guy I took German lessons from had that attitude, and was disgusted with his parents, of the WW2 generation, though he did not tell me exactly what they had done or failed to do.
All this is to explain to you why I do subscribe to the "war guilt" theory, at least among the political class, and the peons, excuse me, general public there who are not wholly on board with the Agenda 21 crowd.

Anonymous said...

It has been said that "Germans are either ripping out your throat or groveling at your feet". Very emotional people if you can get them pissed. Lets hope it happens soon.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thank you, Mr. Day. Obviously, I just need to accept that what you say is the truth. It puzzles me no end as I've read a few individual German accounts of infantry service in the Balkans, Italy, and on the Eastern Front and the humanity of those men was a clear as day. _Love and War in the Apennines_ is a great read by Eric Newby and he wrote of an encounter with a German officer in the mountains who knew he was a British escapee but who shared his lunch and a beer with him and never reported him. I know of two instances of stunning decency on the part of two Luftwaffe pilots and the picture that Marie Vassiltchikov paints of the German aristocracy and other non-Nazis in her _Berlin Diaries, 1940-1945_ (1988) is much in contrast to the usual images thrust in our faces.

Humans are human wherever they are. Remove National Socialism, Hitler's foreign policy, and the Gestapo from the equation and you have engineered a massive change in that nation. Similarly, remove the doctrines of Islam and the sanction of death for blasphemy, innovation, and apostasy and the Muslim world might its way to decency and justice.

Still, war guilt is a cudgel of the left as Der Speigel demonstrates. Also in the cudgel (and obfuscation) category is the absurdity that National Socialism is a right-wing phenomenon and that "extreme nationalism" was the cause of WWII, to which the authoritarian, oligarchic, freedom-hating E.U. is the answer.

So, I think the war guilt phenomenon is real but that a non-leftist distorted national intellectual life would have led to a more balanced view. The real problem with the '30s is that there seemed to be only two choices: Nation Socialism or international socialism (a/k/a communism). Given the leftists who run Europe now, only a fool would expect for there to be an honest debate about the dangers of statism (mild or extreme). It's not for nothing that European governments are doing their utmost to destroy free speech and make criminals out of those who wish to engage in it.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I've heard that too, Anonymous. It's probably not a uniquely German characteristic, come down to it.

As you may have read, I predicted Merkel's departure within 60 days as the "migrant" crisis metastasized. I think I was wrong only in choosing such a short period but that's another story. Point being, sometimes one just has to make a call as to what the future holds based on recent events. If you're like me you read and read and read and try to digest bizarre economic, political, and social reporting as best you can. So here I say this is such an abnormal situation. Ordinary people cannot and will not stay quiet and passive while the current madness goes down. This Muslim/African immigration thing has been somewhat (?!) abstract and people could thread their way through the Scylla and Charybdis (I always look for ways to throw that image in) of safe areas and no-go areas. But this time around "migrants" were relieving themselves in people's front yards and since it's gotten even worse. Whatever you might want to say about Germans, they aren't cowards. They are not going to tolerate this nonsense no matter what a zillion deluded Muslims and Africans may think.

If you perchance happen to conclude that National Socialism = current German government you can understand why there hasn't been more strenuous objection to date.