Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lost but making great time.

So, what is all this Nothing-ness about? ‘My view’, says Scruton, ‘is that what’s underlying all of this is a kind of nihilistic vision that masks itself as a moving toward the enlightened future, but never pauses to describe what that society will be like. It simply loses itself in negatives about the existing things – institutional relations like marriage, for instance – but never asks itself if those existing things are actually part of what human beings are. Always in Zizek there’s an assumption of the right to dismiss them as standing in the way of something else, but that something else turns out to be Nothing.’[1]
The title of this piece is the punch line to the apocryphal story of the WWII American bomber crew in the Pacific. Queried as to its location, the pilot replied, "We're lost but making great time." Thus, the destroyer of the left race to their Shangrila of destruction. They are dead set against Western civilization, capitalism, patriarchy, marriage, the military, white political dominance, and the rule of law. On that they are total agreement. What matters is being against white society. However, they have zero concern for what happens on Day 1 after the Glorious Revolution.

Our ultra-left destroyers are lost and, worse, lost in direct proportion to the stridency and arrogance of their moral posturing and to the impenetrability of their manifestos. Rape culture? White privilege? Offensive speech?

Say what?

It's all about pulling down the hated now and NO other consideration applies. Not even decency. When the grandeur of their indignation and the thrill of the arsonists and the mobs dies down, when the AntiFa thugs are handed police uniforms at last, all that's left is charred ruins and nothing more. A wasteland.

Leftism victorious.
[1] "Roger Scruton: ‘These left thinkers have destroyed the intellectual life.’" By Mick Hume, Spiked, December 2015 (italics in original, other emphasis added).


Reg T said...

I've seen that photo of the young black woman desecrating our flag before, and each time I see it it makes me think of the enjoyment I get from sending 7.62x51 downrange.

Col. B. Bunny said...

It will come to that. That attitude is endemic among blacks. The stupid names some of them give their children is Exhibit A for their separatist/rejectionist mindset. "Ain't gonna get no white peoples' name, honey."

Reg T said...

That reminds me of the book _Unintended Consequences_ by John Ross. One chapter included a story about a very busy hospital in a NYC ghetto where the young interns working there lightened up their incredibly long and exhausting days by trying to out--do each other when assisting young black mothers (the fathers conspicuous by their absence) in choosing names for their soon-to-be delivered children. One into talked a young woman into a name he explained rhymed with the name Gloria: "Gonorrhea". Mom thought it sounded "classy".

I have to admit to a low sense of humor that found this simply hilarious, and more fitting than "Shaniqwa" and so many of the other made-up names we have heard.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's both funny and sad. A friend once told me that a black mother named her daughter Nyquila. Don't know if it's true but why wouldn't it be?