Friday, January 29, 2016

More anti-Trump hysteria.

Fifth in a series.

Trump strikes terror:

  • He’s a bloviating, egocentric, self-promoting, reality TV parody of himself. – Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform, 9/22/15.
  • Incapable of uttering a coherent idea. – Jim Kunstler, 9/28/15.
  • "[N]ot a person who should be given access to a military" – Charles C.W. Cooke, National, 9/24/15.
  • A preposterous little trust-fund wuss – Charles C.W. Cooke, National, 9/24/15.
  • Not really a “fighter” or an “alpha male” – Charles C.W. Cooke, National, 9/24/15.
  • A thin-skinned performance artist whose peculiar shtick falls to pieces the moment someone useful elects to return a punch – Charles C.W. Cooke, National, 9/24/15.
  • The Republican Al Sharpton. Trump promotes a "culture of irresponsibility." – Col. Ralph Peters, FOXNews, 10/19/15. Thank goodness we've avoided that!
  • "Trump is a clown. An actual buffoon." – Ben Stein, The American Spectator, 10/24/15.
  • "Donald Trump resembles Jesse Ventura in style, substance, and downfall"; "he’d be all bark, no bite"; "background as an entertainer." – Nicole Russell, The Federalist, 11/23/15.
  • He’s the ultimate personification of a variety of vices (greed, intemperance, gluttony, wrath, pride) that we have embraced as a culture . . . ." – Kathleen Parker, Washington Post, 11/27/15. Surely there is lust?
  • Displayed "a level of cruelty and meanness heretofore only suspected." – Kathleen Parker, Washington Post, 11/27/15.
  • Callous; a gargantuan ego; the mad mogul. – Kathleen Parker, Washington Post, 11/27/15.
  • He's "just the richest person with a foul mouth and a mean streak to stalk the podium." – Kathleen Parker, Washington Post, 11/27/15.
  • "[A]n extreme businessman who speaks in extreme language about extreme solutions for an angry world endangered by extremists. – Kathleen Parker, Washington Post, 11/27/15. Extremely insightful.
  • "[H]e is starting to sound a lot like Bonaparte, well aside from a similarly narcissistic convergence of America’s future with his own Napoleonic persona." – Victor Davis Hanson.
  • Wheeler-dealer – Victor Davis Hanson.
  • Incoherent – Victor Davis Hanson.
  • "He is a would-be Napoleon in similarly Napoleonic times that pundits and critics likewise cannot quite figure out . . . ." – Victor Davis Hanson. QED.
  • Pundits and critics "are attracted to him even as they dismiss him as a buffoon." – Victor Davis Hanson.
  • A "millionaire flamboyant reality-TV host." – Victor Davis Hanson.
  • "[R]acist, sexist, narcissist . . . ." – Ruth Marcus, Washington Post.
  • "Donald Trump is the Know-Nothing candidate of the 21st century and cannot be our nominee." – George Pataki, former N.Y. governor.
  • In just six months as a presidential candidate Trump has been called “witless, gross, and unworthy,” “ignorant and bombastic,” a “buffoon” and an “a--hole,” a “clownish demagogue,” and “proto-fascist” whose “ideas range from the absurd … to the monstrous,” and whose policy pronouncements are no better than “barstool eruptions.” And those are just his fellow Republicans’ opinions. – William Voegeli. (links omitted).
  • "But fact-checking Donald Trump is like picking up after a dog with diarrhea; there’s just not much point." – Steven F. Hayes, Weekly Standard, 7/18/15.


Unclezip said...

You can gauge your success by the number of enemies you reap. I won't vote for The Don; but then I won't vote for any face on either ticket. I'm just standing in the corner, pointing and laughing, as the entertainment value is priceless.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I understand your decision. It's clear from the last election that gave Republicans majorities in Congress that voters are the least of the worries of the incumbents, with some exceptions.

I do like the idea of voting for the Eat More Vegetables Party to register an affirmative dissent. Otherwise, your non-participation, which is a vote melts into the background noise of the cosmos. No sarcasm intended.