Monday, January 25, 2016

Quickies: The “Campus Sexual Assault Epidemic”

     If you haven’t yet seen it, I exhort you to view this excellent Fox News piece on “campus sexual assault.” It’s very effective, perhaps because it tries hard – perhaps too hard – to present both sides of the issue. However, the preponderance of the evidence, if I may, sides with those who believe that the “campus sexual assault epidemic” is a complete fabrication – that in point of fact, sexual assaults are rarer than in previous years, and that feminist activists (see the piece below this one) are using a double standard:

  1. Women are men’s equals in all ways.
  2. Women must be protected from men – and from themselves. intensify the tension that already exists between the sexes. Indeed, they’re quite willing to lean heavily on a young woman, herself merely convinced that she exercised some poor judgment, to go along with a false accusation against a young man who might feel exactly the same. The consequences have already included a number of ruined lives – male and female – and a sense that men are under siege by activists in a movement committed to their subjugation if not their utter destruction.

     This is an integral component of the mechanism that has given rise to men’s increasing reluctance to court women in any way, to the “marriage strike,” and to female displeasure with their inability to have the sort of social and romantic lives they seek.

     It’s beyond question at this point that college administrators have either eagerly signed on to the demonization of their male students as “potential rapists” or have been intimidated into going along with it by the threat of lawsuits that could cost them their federal funding. Few indeed are the exceptions among the cases that have reached the press. However, there’s a terribly ironic point that’s not covered even in the Fox report and which is all too often overlooked: even if the accuser experiences remorse and decides to recant, her feminist “sisters” will put pressure on her not to do so! The Narrative cannot afford dissent or divergence! Should she revert to honesty, she’ll be branded a “gender traitor,” possibly to her complete social exclusion. Safer by far to “stay with the pack.”

     Please watch it. It’s worth your time. (And yes, you can largely skip the ads.)

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Jonathan H said...

There is one glaring (and easy) way for men to not only refuse to take part in this hoopla but also to shut it down - refusing to have sex with female students will shut down the question of whether it was consensual or not!
Of course, if men aren't willing to go that far (and I suspect they are not), stepping out of the random hookup culture and building a real relationship with a woman before getting intimate will reduce most of those claims because by that point she will, usually, have a vested interest in keeping things going.

Will men do this? I doubt it, and any man who thinks it is a good idea is probably already doing it!