Thursday, January 14, 2016

“Islamed Out”

     When Mark Steyn throws his hands up:

     I've spent the entirety of this no longer new century writing about this stuff. As I told Steve Paikin on a turbulent edition of his TV show all those years ago, the remorseless demographic transformation of the western world is the biggest story of our time, so why wouldn't a writer want to write about it? Apart from anything else, once you're aware of it, it haunts your dreams. But most of us still aren't aware of it. I've been fortunate enough to get a couple of bestselling books out of the subject, but that's no comfort if, by the time they're my age, my children are living in a post-western world. And, of course, you can have a "bestseller" and 99.999999999 per cent of the population need never know of it. Every day I get letters from people who come here via a link from someone or other beginning in effect: "What do you mean, 'the Islamization of Europe'? It's the first I've heard of it."

     Really? Why did the Charlie Hebdo guys get killed? Because they provoked Islam. Why is Europe's political class so willing to trade away free speech and women's rights? Because they're desperate to appease Islam. Why did the same young secular childless German women who supported Angela Merkel in her multiculti delusions spend the New Year getting groped and raped by the young men they so generously opened the doors of their country to? Because when you appease Islam you provoke Islam.

     I'm pretty Islamed out, because I don't have a lot to say I didn't say ten years ago.

     ... you know the situation is grave. If you’re a minor-league commentator who’s been screaming at the top of his figurative lungs for just as long, you have to ask yourself whether there’s any point in going on.

     However, the exploitation of Islam by Western governments still demands emphasis. Also, that which drives me is less under my conscious command than I’d like to believe. Accordingly, one more probably vain screed coming up.

     Given the attitudes displayed by the members of our political class, it no longer seems rationally disputable that they regard Islam and the fearsome aspect it presents to us of the civilized world as a useful tool with which to ensure our continued submission. Every State is founded on the fears of its subjects. It follows that anything that accentuates those fears, that makes the individual look about for a protector, will be of value to the State.

     Therefore, it is unwise to expect that our government will “do anything” about any of the various aspects of the Islamic threat:

  • Politicians will not speak ill of Islam.
  • They won’t causally associate Islam with terrorism or other brutality.
  • They won’t act to punish any Islamic nation, no matter what it might do.
  • They won’t hurry to note that the perpetrators of any given atrocity are Muslims.
  • They certainly won’t unambiguously side with Israel against the Palestinian irredentists.
  • They won’t hinder – indeed, they might encourage, as Angela Merkel has – the hijra: the migration of Muslims from dar al Islam – the lands where it’s currently dominant – to dar al Harb -- the West.

     Of course, there is a problem with the tactic: while fearful subjects are easily commanded and controlled, the generators of that fear – Muslims – aren’t fearful at all. Should they displace the native populations of Europe and America, our politicians might well wish they’d thought the matter through a wee bit further.

     As with Steyn, I’ve been jabbering on about this for quite a few years. At the old Palace of Reason in 2004, I wrote:

     All of Islam's theocosmogony to the side, its usefulness to the Left in wearing away our edifice of freedom is undeniable. For one thing, Islam's instantiations in other countries, both political and cultural, are fodder for the apostles of multiculturalism. For another, Islam propounds so complete a system of dominance that most men of good will are unwilling to compare it to any "lesser" agenda of regimentation; it makes our domestic Leftists look good. For a third, as matters stand, Western societies are unable to bar their doors to an influx of immigrants solely because of their "religion." For a fourth, our necessary response to Islam's violent attitude toward other creeds and social systems provides leftists with specious justifications for accusing the West's defenders of tyranny, even though it's the Left's own program of control that's the real thing. It's hardly necessary to go on from there.

However, it remains the case that the Left cherishes some sorts of latitude, at least for itself, to which Islam is as rigidly opposed as it is to all others. Sexual freedom is one example; artistic license is another. Thus, while the jihadis are a temporarily useful tool in destroying freedom "in the large," the Left could not tolerate them once the libertarian-conservative ethos that protects personal liberty, private property, and individual initiative has been overthrown.

Each of these monstrosities alone would present a formidable foe, simply for its ruthlessness. Together, they appear tactically to be much the worse...yet the tensions between them offer the defender of freedom an opportunity not to be missed.

     At that time, I believed that it was possible to kill two birds with one stone, as it were. Compelling the representatives of the Left to admit that their apparent sympathy for Islam is a tactical ploy would poison American left-liberalism / “progressivism.” It would simultaneously prompt increasing numbers of unengaged or marginally engaged private citizens to take a closer look at the Religion of War, Murder, Slavery, and Rape. The consequences could only be to the good.

     Why this hasn’t happened, I cannot say. Certainly enough writers have noted the way the Left coddles Islam for sins infinitely more grievous than the peccadilloes for which it castigates the traditional religions, cultures, and customs of normal, decent Americans. Yet somehow, the necessary connections haven’t occurred in enough minds.

     Perhaps we the politically engaged have been firing the wrong ammunition.

     I’m terribly tired just now – it’s been a “medical morning” – so I’ll close here. But expect me to return to this subject. Not only haven’t we made any progress on it; apart from the possibility of a declaration of martial law after the election results come in, there’s nothing on the national radar that looms any larger. Indeed, I question whether any subject short of imminent nuclear war really could.


Anonymous said...

Take heart, Francis. There is a fix for this. It is described in Revelation 19:15-21. As has been discussed many times in these pages, the problems faced are so significant that no human action or actions can by itself solve it.

At best, we can solve certain issues for ourselves regarding ourselves but only with God's spirit and support.

Let's all do that before the one with the mouth protruding from his mouth takes care of the rest of it. Remember, vengeance will be God's.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Anon, is "the one with the mouth protruding from his mouth" Mr. Trump? If so, why do you use such an odd way of referring to him, please?

Since you also appear to mention him in the same paragraph as a reference to vengeance, do you see Trump as planning some kind of vengeance?

Tim Turner said...

*Granted* that Islam is a pseudo-religion and anyone who reads the suras could see Muhammed's political goals.

There are over a BILLION people who believe it.


You don't nuke a rock in Mecca and take out the fanatic mullahs who live there and expect to wipe a a BILLION people.

In a world of 6 billion people, it stands to reason that lots of them have beliefs that don't match those of the people who read this blog.

It stands to reason that lots of them don't have beliefs that match those of the United States of America, western Europe, white people, Christians or even any modern political party - left or right.

In fact, I'd wager that a *whole bunch* of those billion muslims would like to be left alone, just like most of us.

You can argue that the Koran, or asshole jihadists say this that or the other about what the world is, or what people SHOULD be doing, but let's face it. Most people just want to be NOT forced into something. They want to sleep, eat, meet the opposite sex, and maybe try for some meaning in their lives.

Thinking this, I've decided - for myself - that I do not want to eradicate every muslim on earth. It's not a stretch. I do not want to eradicate every black, Dodger fan, feminist, shave-headed Nazi, vegetarian or communist I see.

But I don't want any of those people (even Dodger fans) manipulating the rule of law in the country I was born in to MAKE me accept their views.

And if Dodger fans start killing non-Dodger fans? Then I want to kill them before they kill me. I don't want to try and understand . . . whatever. I want to live.


I have a right to want to live, and if the place-government-society where I live doesn't understand that a bunch of Dodger-fans have chosen to kill me and the society I grew up in, then they have forfeited any loyalty or trust I owe them, regardless of history, noble sentiments, or even such noble things as America's Constitution.

If I'm a daughter, and my dad lets me get raped with his blessing, all family meaning is lost. If I'm a farmer and my protector lets someone take my crops without recompense, all trust is lost. If I'm a citizen and my government lets anyone come into my country without my values or those with which my fellows established that government, then that government is meaningless.

To be clear, at this point I don't want to nuke Mecca and every muslim on the face of the earth. I do, however, believe it would be appropriate to dismantle every mosque in America and remind muslims that their "faith" is not a religion as recognized in America, but rather a political ideology at odds with American values.

And one last thing! Yes, I would say that statism, or communism or socialist concepts are not only not welcome here, but are freely subject to scorn. They may be protected by the first and other amendments, but they are NOT protected from scorn, ridicule and antipathy by anyone.

This is my country. I enlisted, I learned and I've studied history. I'm not perfect. Nor were my ancestors. But this country was created with a Declaration and a Constitution. It is not a Balkanization of multi-diverse-lifelong-at-war peoples. It is a country of laws - not a nation of this or that people.

If you're muslim, black, a punk, a budding college socialist or a Dodger fan, then you live within THIS COUNTRY's laws. AS DO WE ALL.

Or leave.

If you believe lawlessness - in whatever guise - is the answer, then you've proven that you don't share the values of this country. And if you don't share those values, then why should the country allow you to stay here?

avraham said...

I think that is a good point that the left really does not like Islam all that much but sees it useful as a way of destroying Judaic--Christian Values. This I think has a parallel to the Bolsheviks in making temporary alliances in order to destroy the Tzar.

Avraham said...

The comment of Tim up above expresses my own feelings fully in more ways than one. There was one part of his comment where he mentions the farmer that has things taken from him. That is when the government betrays the trust of the people. I thought that reflected my own feelings about the Federal Government very well.

Reg T said...


It's a nice sentiment to tell those who would not be "American" to leave, but pretty unrealistic. Thanks to the Left's redefinition of what is acceptable, political correctness, and their refusal to admit when they are wrong - or to see the consequences of their actions - it just isn't going to happen. As it gets worse, the Left will double-down, as has Germany, and insist that the _natives_ leave, if we don't like it.

The British allow the Pakis and other muslim slime to groom, gang-rape, and prostitute their daughters and sisters. The Germans allow their young women to be finger-raped and "rape-raped" (to use Whoopie's definition). Do you really think we are going to be able to simply tell several million muslims already in this country, "Do as we tell you or leave"? Especially as the Left won't be saying that, only we conservatives - whose voice never makes it into the mainstream?

Good luck with that. I applaud your sentiment on that point, but question your reasons for believing it will ever happen.

islam demands what ISIS and the muslims in Europe are doing. What some of the muslims here in America are doing. If you are a muslim, you either do it, will do it, or support it until there are enough of you present to be open about what happens to non-muslims in a muslim society. Otherwise, you are not a muslim.

Other than being able to beat your wife, rape her when she isn't interested in sex, kill your daughter for "going Western", have sex with nine-year-old girls (and boys), what other reason would any sane person have for claiming to be muslim? Even if you didn't want to kill every infidel who refuses to submit to islam?

I say give every person claiming to be muslim the chance to stop doing so, make them leave, or nuke them from orbit. If we could destroy Germany for what it was doing to the rest of Europe along with the Jews and Poles and Gypsies and the crippled and retarded, we ought to be able to the job on islam, which is a much greater threat. They have been given the opportunity to grow, to evolve, out of the bestiality and barbarity they have clung to for the last 1400+ years, and they refuse to do so.

We are being threatened with destruction by islam. It is time to return the favor. Nothing else will do.