Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sounding the depths.

We're in uncharted waters these days.

It wasn't that long ago that we were on the way to the "end of history" according to our wise men. And advancing the idea of the whole leadership class being firmly committed to (1) national extinction and (2) the reduction of the white majority to a minority in our own country would have made one an object of scorn in normal circles only a few years ago.

But, . . . maybe after a certain Indonesian saved William Jefferson Clinton's presidential campaign, the idea that foreigners with alleged ties to Chinese communist intelligence could have a say in American politics just didn't seem that strange to anyone. Patriotism itself seemed to diminish after Bill came on the scene. Bush loved the Saudis so and with Barry, well, the locus of top-level sentiment seems to have shifted to either a big black meteorite somewhere, Mombasa, Red Square, or Bill Ayers's living room.

Unimaginably foreign ideas and people have come flooding in for quite some time now. Bottom line, everything that takes place in the West, now especially, seems to be subject to some kind of malevolent, un-American, gravitational disturbance just south of Jupiter. I rather like the idea of satanic influence but that's just more of a tickle at the back of my neck than anything I can lay a finger on.

To holdouts like me, and no doubt every reader of this blog, at this late date, things just don't seem quite right. Us Trumpeteers just can sniff something in the wind. And the haruspicers just aren't coming up with what I pay them for. So, like the boat captain listening to the sailor calling out readings from the lead line in uncharted waters, I figger we need to entertain what we'll call "different" readings about what's under the national keel.

Like this:

I have said it many times and I’ll say it yet again: If you think the Fed’s motivation is to prolong or protect the U.S. economy and currency, then you will never understand why it takes the policy actions it does. If you understand and accept the fact that the Fed is a saboteur working carefully and incrementally toward the destruction of the U.S. to make way for a new globally centralized system, everything falls into place.[1]
No warranties on this. Just something that seems to edge closer to the truth than most of what you'll find.

The competing establishment view on reality is like the "conservative" objections to Trump. (No doubt the latter a subset of the former.) Not really all that interesting or exciting. Whoopdidoo category. Maybe something else at work here category. This is good for us how exactly category. And your point is category.

We aim for more here. And we're affordable.

[1] "The U.S. Is At The Center Of The Global Economic Meltdown." By Brandon Smith,,

H/t: Zero Hedge.


Reg T said...

I agree about the Federal Reserve, Not because I can read the entrails of a chicken, but because I believe in Occam's Razor.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I also like the Holmesian approach. When you eliminate the impossible, what's left is the truth no matter how improbable. It sure seems like it's impossible to believe that the Fed actually has any intention of improving the economy or just safeguarding the monetary system. That being impossible to believe, therefore it is in thrall to the Keynesian Masters of the Universe. And since there's no longer any dispute that "stimulus" is not a magic wand, there's a non-economic goal that the Fed pursues.