Friday, January 15, 2016

Ultra-Quickies: There They Go Again

     It’s been observed many times that the Left hurls insults to compensate for its inability to argue on the merits. Indeed, the syndrome is so common, and so puerile, that it’s inspired a visual joke:

     Apparently, the syndrome hasn’t yet been effectively medicated.

     Great God in heaven, if that’s all the opposition the Republicans face, I expect a fifty state landslide in November. But then, the GOP has a lot of practice at blowing a sure thing.

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Charlie Mitchell said...

So true. The Seattle Times comment section is chock full of nasty comments by the left. You toss a few facts their way, or a different opinion, and you're told that not only are you wrong, you're also too stupid to learn the right opinion, and you're a bigot.

It always makes me think of that episode of MASH where Hawkeye is teasing Radar about "little wisps of steam coming from your tiny ears".