Thursday, January 21, 2016

Once we took the high road.

During those decades the Saudis used their oil wealth to seed human societies with the most virulent totalitarian doctrine of governance -- a doctrine that serves as basis for a nihilistic terrorist philosophy and rationalization of conquest and genocide.

And with every step, the Saudis have paved their demonic path with generous donations to any peoples the United Nations designated needy. They did this while walking hand in hand with the United Kingdom and United States, which loudly wept for the world's downtrodden and thundered support for human rights.

And we call Iran, North Korea, and China evil. At least governments in those countries don't pretend to be what they aren't. At least they don't use human rights as a bludgeon. At least they don't insult reason by perverting every concept of decency. At least they don't mock God.[1]

Once we took the high road in the Cold War. We contained the Soviet Union – one of history's most malevolent and murderous regimes— although today I'd be hard pressed to find many who could tell me why we bothered. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died fighting communists but now we have an avowed socialist as a presidential candidate who took his honeymoon in the Soviet Union and who would now like to try that nightmarish experiment again to the dismay of few Americans.

What harm is there in a little government coercion if it's for a good cause?

Back to our point. Now our diplomats and politicians bomb a tiny country that was our ally in WWII, finance al Qaida and ISIS, run guns to these terrorists while lying about our "War on Terror," grovel before the Saudis, grovel before the Israelis, pretend that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, depose foreign leaders who pose no threat to us, dabble in "regime change" regardless of the cost in death and chaos, do their utmost to enrich a communist dictatorship in Asia, wage secret war on sovereign Syria and propagate lies about Assad's use of poison gas, abandon our men under fire, mouth nonsense about "responsibility to protect," meddle in the affairs of Ukraine, assist in the looting of Russia, strenuously defend borders thousands of miles from our own undefended borders, and negotiate trade deals that benefit all nations except the American one.

Commander in Chief.
They also can't identify the most elementary facts about plain-vanilla Islam that makes it and all Muslims a mortal threat to the West, push nation-destroying immigration on Americans, engineer welfare programs to attract parasitic immigrants to come to America from all over the world, and push the fatuous ideas that Russia is bent on military adventurism and otherwise a threat to the peace of the world.

Has any national elite ever been so reckless and dishonest? Is it any wonder that foreigners think America has become a joke?
[1] "UK, KSA, USA: the most frightening axis of evil." By Pundita, 1/15/16.


Reg T said...

Doesn't it make you wonder, the way some folks - as obviously intelligent and insightful as this "Pundita" - cling to the notion that we "grovel before the Israelis"?

How can a person who is being rational (about Jews - and therefore Israelis - at least) look at how Obama and his other muslim-loving partners-in-crime have disrespected Netanyahu, have pushed Israel to stop building homes for its people, have pushed for Israel to lose more "land for peace" and otherwise submit to the terrorists living on the West Bank, in Gaza (and as citizens throughout Israel) and still say he has groveled before Israel?

He has done more than we have the faintest idea of to harm her, and set her up for destruction at the hand of islam. Including giving Iran the complete details to Israel's nuclear weapons and the protocol concerning their use. And he has assisted Iran in continuing to develop nuclear weapons (I don't recall centrifuges being necessary to the production or use of uranium for peaceful nuclear power) which threaten not only Israel, but America as well. With the knowledge that a U.S. government that would do these things will obviously not come to Israel's defense should Iran attack.

I could be wrong, but I believe Pundita is merely trying to cover her/his anti-Semitism by using "Israelis" instead of "Jooz".

Pundita said...

Reg T: I did not write the words "grovel before the Israelis." I made no mention whatsoever of Israelis in the Pundita post that Col. Bunny pulled quotes from. He quoted three paragraphs from my post; the rest of the text, including the mention of Israelis, I will presume was written by Col. Bunny given that he's shown as the author of the post.

Col. Bunny: Given that this is a moderated comment section, I don't understand why you didn't point out to Reg T that he had wrongly attributed a statement to me.


Francis W. Porretto said...

It's because I'm the one and only moderator, Pundita, and I didn't know it either. I'm sure Reg considers himself properly chastened, but that's the sort of misunderstanding that can develop from a short quote from a longer essay. The only sure-fire countermeasure is, of course, to post the entirety of your essay here at Liberty's Torch,, but that wouldn't have been fair to you.

All my best,
Francis W. Porretto
Curmudgeon Emeritus to the World Wide Web

Col. B. Bunny said...

Reg, please note that Pundita is not guilty of anti-Semitism and the words are mine entirely. Take me to task for what I write but not her. :-)

You are correct that Obama taken all the actions you describe. That behavior of his is an aberration in our history of our dealings with Israel. I don't begrudge our support of Israel and cheer it on in any contest with its Muslim enemies. I support Israel for two primary reasons: (1) they control Israel militarily and are entitled to be treated like any other nation that does the same. (2) They are Westerners who are hated by Muslims.

However, the behavior of our political class toward Israel in general does constitute groveling in my view. Examples can be found in the statements of several Republican presidential candidates now and in the past have gone out of their way to proclaim their firm support of Israel. It was one of the things Ms. Fiorina made a point of proclaiming, for example.

That is well and good but it's also clear that the influence of AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson of the Adelson primary fame are such as to strike fear in the hearts of any man or woman with political ambitions in America. The invitation of Mr. Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress and his treatment there is evidence of the political influence that Israel exercises in America.

I consider this to be quite uncontroversial.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Pundita, I apologize for my tardy clarification. Comments are not published here after review but are rather subject to scrutiny after the fact. I don't usually revisit my posts here to address comments until some time after I upload them and thus the delay in clarifying that you are not the source of what I wrote.

I regret anything that suggested otherwise. You have never expressed the opinion that I have in this post and it is entirely mine.

Reg T said...

Pundita, I also apologize quite sincerely for making the assumption I did. Obviously, "I could be wrong" translates as "I was indeed wrong." I should have clarified the source before jumping to the conclusion that your otherwise insightful writing was marred by what was actually a misquote.


I will give you that a number of our representatives in Congress have indeed groveled before _American_ Jewish groups (mostly liberal Jews who don't deserve that sort of attention), but I cannot recall any president groveling before Israel. I have never paid much attention to individual Congresscritters who may, in fact, have groveled before Israel, but I would bet my next pension check they were few and far between, especially since so few American Jews really support Israel, so there would have been few votes to gain by doing so.

A few presidents have _supported_ Israel, because she is the closest thing to a democratic republic that has ever existed in the Middle East, because they oppose the damage Arabs (who have fought each other for so many years) and muslims seek to do to all of the rest of us, and because the Israelis deserve to be supported in a return to their ancient homeland (Palestine was Hebrew long before any Arabs tried to redefine it to mean an Arab land) after suffering centuries of oppression and genocide.

Then you have Carter, Clinton, and the Bushes who were either damaging to Israel or at the very least indifferent and unhelpful, no matter what public posture they may have taken. I'm sorry, but I truly cannot think of any of our politicians - especially fake Jews like Schumer, Feinstein, etc, - who have ever groveled before Israel. Groveling before AIPAC and other Jewish organizations, sure.

And the invitation of Netanyahu to speak before Congress was a sop to some, but Pelosi and many other Democrats ignored him or were even openly contemptuous of him. It was cheap publicity for some of the Republicans who were hoping to collect a few more Jewish votes, but I really don't think it supports believing that Israel has a lot of influence in America, let alone in Congress. Just a few crass politicians, but I'm being redundant, aren't I?

Col. B. Bunny said...

Reg, I referred to the American political class and presidential candidates not just just presidents. Gingrich was beholden to Adelson the last time he ran for president and Adelson is devoted to the interests of Israel. Rubio in this cycle has been reported to call Adelson frequently to ask him for his opinions and advice. I already mentioned the Adelson primary that had the platoon of Republican hopefuls paying court to him in Las Vegas. I presume the influence of Haim Saban is as strong among the Democrats. Carter and Obama appear to have been and/or to be hostile to Israel but any foreigners know that presidents come and go.

The subject of Jewish influence in American politics is a complex one. Well, not really so much complex as tendentious. Charles Percy took a position that the organized Jewish community took to be anti-Israel decades ago and Illinois was subsequently flooded with Jewish money when he ran for re-election which no one doubts caused his defeat. The details are a bit vague to me now so correct me on any errors.

A few congressmen may have ignored Netanyahu in Congress but it cannot be gainsayed that the assembled multitude was up and down with its standing ovations like puppets. Money flows to Israel in prodigious amounts. Frankly, it is a disproportionate amount given Israel's minimal strategic value to the U.S. But yet it flows.

I don't think Israel is at heart our friend as the Pollard case and, if true, Israel's sale of our technology to the Chinese (and Soviets?) attest. I will never forgive Israel for its attack on the USS Liberty and its multitudinous lies about their deliberate attack. LBJ contributed to the loss of life and the attack on the Liberty is the only time that such an attack was not made the subject of a naval board of inquiry. Something was very rotten about that.

I'm indifferent to anyone's "ancient homeland" claims. I don't mean that sarcastically. My bottom line is simply that you only have sovereignty over what you can take and hold militarily. If the Arabs want Israel it's molon labe time all day every day. Jews left or were kicked out of their ancient home a long time ago so that extinguished their claim forever. Historic claims or Old Testament claims are worthless.

As I said, I do support Israel and its desires for a mono-ethnic state free of Africans and with second-class rights for Moslems. Multiculturalism and diversity are not Israeli values and rightfully so for they are the precise formula for destruction of the majority population. Would that the organized Jewish community would support the white majority in America and our interest in not descending into an amorphous ethnic and racial glop. However, as Kevin MacDonald points out the 1965 change in our immigration law that opened the door to third-world immigration to the U.S. was "was fundamentally a project of the organized American Jewish community." (Link omitted.) People notice these things.

As I say, I do lean toward Israel and hate the terror attacks its citizens must endure. However, I'm not sure we don't hold the short end of the stick in our strategic relationship with Israel and a good deal more skepticism is in order on that point. However, as I say, they're Westerners facing the Islamic enemy and I support them in that battle, which is the same one we must fight. However, something's not right with about the activities of the ADLs, David Gelbaums, Adelsons, and the Barbara Lerner Spectres of this world.