Thursday, January 14, 2016

The resurgence of German fascism and Merkel's war against Poland.

A friend sent me the link to this video with the comment that "Poland is now under a concentrated assault by the German media, pols, and the whole EU nomenklatura. Poland more than the other 'no-on refugees' countries because it's now the only country in Europe governed by a right-wing, no-nonsense party."

The occasion for the police overreaction you can see in these eight seconds of video is this Polish visitor to Berlin for a Polish-German football, the co-star of the video. He attended a left-wing demonstration "against the 'undemocratic right wing regime in Poland' and unfurled a banner that read: 'Defend your women, not our democracy.'" Or, rather, he and his friend tried to unfurl that banner and were instantly set upon by a German policeman, aided by another who rapidly set about furling the banner.

Contrast this police behavior with their remarkably placid and restrained behavior when it comes to AntiFa "counter demonstrators" at PEGIDA events in Germany. AntiFa are just civilian auxiliaries of the German security state, of course, and if, a big if, I suspect, there are laws against appearing masked in public, the police show no interest in enforcing them against their AntiFa pals. Perhaps throwing pavement stones at nationalists, excuse me, neo-Nazis is a complete legal defense against appearing masked in public.

Seems to me if I were a German so very, very, very concerned about the return of fascist private (and official) armies (which caused some inconvenience in the past, I hear), I might, just might show some concern for people who choose to regularly commit violent acts in the streets of my country while concealing their faces. Am I the only one who sees some kind of historical parallels here? Who, oh who, could these people be and should finding and punishing them be a state priority?

Clearly, there is official complicity with and – therefore – encouragement of such street fighters who serve a very useful official purpose indeed.

This is easily inferred from the reaction of this policeman who was faced not with 5,000 PEGIDA demonstrators but two Poles with only social media on their side. Free speech -- instant, violent reaction. Violence and intimidation -- studied passivity.

What the German government is about here is full-throated fascism. I mean the real-deal, left-wing, f$ck you, keep-your-mouth-shut-rightist-scum repression. The speed with which these cops react is almost laughable in contrast to their cowardly, useless response to mass sexual assault on their women. The banner's message is beyond poignant for here we see the state's protection is of repression, not the women of the nation:

Defend your women, not our democracy.
Contrast the cop's reaction, too, with Merkel's evasions and prevarications. "We can handle this" was the crown jewel of her response to citizens' fears over the madness of allowing in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of invaders. Well, she couldn't. "It," the introduction of over a 600,000 Muslim light infantry in under a year, spun out of control in the form of garbage strewn in towns and streams, gardens befouled, security shattered and, lately, of Muslim and African vermin tearing women's panties off and fingering them. With impunity.

For expressing disdain for this German madness, weakness, and rank dishonesty, the Poles are now the target of Merkel's and the E.U.'s ire.

And where official betrayal and suppression of free speech and other fundamental rights are concerned, Merkel can act with lightning speed.

Who is this police officer.

And what law did the Poles break, what is the name of the local police commander, and what are the secret national directives regarding speech challenging suicidal immigration policies?


Reg T said...

Having been a cop myself, many years ago, I hate to say it, bu these German cops are obviously cowards. The will attack two harmless Poles but refuse to act to protect their own young women.

Even back in the late seventies, many of us in law enforcement would engage in "Irish Democracy" when our Chief or the Mayor of San Diego would have us do - or _not_ do - something that was dishonorable or flat-out wrong. Like arresting the City Attorney when he got drunk and ran his vehicle into another car. The Chief had him released as soon as his booking at the jail was complete, but we arrested and booked the SOB anyway.

Yes, these German cops may have had orders, and we know how they like to follow orders, ethical or not. But they should have learned the last time that "just following orders" won't keep them from swinging when the time comes.

Tim Turner said...

Bunny, I appreciate your posts.

But it's getting so murky, that II recommend that you forgo the rhetorical questions and sarcasm and just name the atrocities.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Reg, I hope for such police behavior to become more common. It's not hypocritical for a lawyer to advocate that as it is a truism of the civil rights activists here that one has a duty to disobey unjust laws. I think they mean "all laws" when they speak so but that's another story.

I remember reading in the comments somewhere (ITCS) that the police in certain part of the former GDR have a tendency to not arrest or to lose paperwork when certain Germans violate the law where Muslims are concerned. I mean this media blackout is pretty obvious.

The Big Question is what will the military do? There's a huge silence on this issue but those guys are sworn to defend the nation, the basic law, or whatever. Say "the nation" for short. At some point they will be called out to put down something or other, probably a demonstration by some angry patriots. I bet you sooner rather than later, those units are going to "forget" to go back to the barracks.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Tim, it's hard to be more explicit than "full-throated fascism" in Germany. And I do believe I didn't pull any punches on MLK Day. I'm innocent, I tell you. Innocent!

Anonymous said...

To the devil with Merkel and the rest of the Fascists in the EU. Fight on Poland!