Thursday, January 14, 2016

Europe in 2029.

H/t: Margoth's Review.


Unknown said...

Very interesting. Don't delay visiting European sights while you can. I myself saw most of the continent during the 60's and to a lesser extent the 1980's and 90's. Great times gone for good.

Reg T said...

One of the most frightening points of this video is the fact that when sufficient numbers of muslims occupy and control areas of various countries which lie on the Mediterranean Sea, they will be able to flood those countries with many more jihadis, eventually being able to either take control of those countries or at least destroy them. It certainly will no longer matter if the governments involved have stopped importing muslims the way they currently are - especially the young male jihadis we see in photos of these groups of "refugees".

Europe at that point will be lost. It will resemble Beirut, and Syria in its present state. When enough white non-muslim citizens leave those countries, the economies will fail, as they have in Zimbabwe and elsewhere, with the muslims returning to the 7th century lifestyle with which they seem more comfortable. There it will remain, because there will be insufficient numbers of white non-muslims due to deaths - and a lack of replacement births - to repopulate the lost territory, even if it were possible to kill off enough of the muslim invaders.

Demographic jihad is a very real threat, and it may already be too late for Europe to recover.

Tim Turner said...

Bunny, what it comes down to is, "Why"

I look at those videos and notice the bad grammar, but the fact remains, a Europe that was relatively peaceful and understood its problems is now awash in lawless immigration and an existential question: Who are we?

Personally, I would think that before you let jihadist killers who come into your country and rape your women , seize your assets and kill indiscriminately, you might at least ask them, "Do you have the same values we do?"

If your society is based on "1 + 1 = 2" and you import people who believe "1 + 1 = 3 or whatever Allah tells me," then where is your society going to go?

Col. B. Bunny said...

@Andy, I was fortunate to hitchhike around W. Europe in the early 60s and saw much more with my parents before that. I can't imagine hitching today. I walked the streets of Amsterdam at night with no concern for my safety. Now?

I get differences of opinion. People can agree to disagree. However, what is it with someone whom you tell that his house is on fire? Isn't this that clear? Dunno. Fox Business News interviewed a couple of seemingly intelligent guys in an Illinois hash house. Both voted for and still like Obama. Only disappointment is that he didn't get done all that he wanted to. True story. Is that a mere difference of opinion or is it a variant of what we see in Europe now?

Col. B. Bunny said...

@Reg, certain things are inevitable. P.J. O'Rourke's witticism about giving power to politicians is like giving whiskey and the car keys to teenaged boys. Just comparing birth rates tell you who, as night follows day, will be the majority in a few generations.

I still think the elephant in the room is all Western armies. This political betrayal is without precedent in history, using immigration to destroy the nation the military exists to defend. Normalcy bias and a decent assumption that other people act decently makes for a looonnng wait for the military to react but eventually they will. Then the numbers of Muslims and Africans in Europe won't be an advantage. Numbers are only and advantage when political leaders are the only ones who call the shots. Soon it will be harder men who do that, unless the European electorates turn on a dime. The E. Europeans have woken up.