Sunday, January 10, 2016


Maybe it is not sane to act hostile to every foreigner one encounters, but the opposite is also not healthy.
Comment by johnnightwrites on "Goodbye Sweden." Sweden Report, 6/2/15.


Reg T said...

I wonder how many of the victims of the NYE groping/raping by muslim "refugees" in Germany were standing there with signs saying "Welcome" when those "refugees" entered their country? For that matter, how many of them in the other countries of Europe have been raped or otherwise molested by those they welcomed with open arms?

Col. B. Bunny said...

That would be poetic justice. More likely the Prime Leftist Directive would apply: Support anything and everything you want but be sure you live far away from where any of it will affect you.

Still, it's an interesting question. Millions of Westerners have simply lost contact with reality and fallen in love with abstractions.

O/T: Do you remember the story of the white aid worker who was raped in Haiti? She could NOT bring herself to be angry at her rapist. Some sick stuff that.

Reg T said...

Yes, I read about that. I also read that that had happened recently to a young woman on a train, someone in Europe. IIRC, she said she felt sorry for her rapist, and didn't want to report the crime at first, although eventually she did.

That is why I have posted my agreement with Chris Muir's Day By Day cartoon where Zed talks about not going to the assistance of a woman being raped by a muslim. I was raised differently than that, but realize it just isn't a viable attitude today, unless you know the woman in question.

As a police officer (in my youth), domestic disturbances where the woman was beaten by her husband were often given short shrift by the older officers. They knew from experience that the woman would often not press charges, and frequently wouldn't even show up in court if she _had_ pressed charges. I learned, even as a rookie, that when you started to arrest the husband, you'd better have another officer watching your back, because quite often, the wife would come at you with a lamp or frying pan, attacking you for cuffing her husband and trying to take him away (and, yes, I am aware of the various reasons a wife might have for not pressing charges - like not getting killed later by her vengeful husband).

I would not trust some liberal rape victim to refrain from siding with her attacker against any white male who would come to her aid.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Outlandish events are the norm these days. Traditional calculations certainly are a hazard to one's health. I'd not be so unsettled if the alternatives of the left made SOME kind of sense other than being consistent with groveling in front of your oppressor.

I've thought of domestic violence calls as emblematic of the danger of "our" current fetish over "regime change." There's no appreciation of the complex dynamics involved. It's simply removing Gaddafi and all will be well. Well, it won't.