Friday, January 15, 2016

Goodbye, Germany. Your chancellor bids you adieu.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany:
We should not follow those who — with coldness and even hatred in their hearts — make judgments about what it means to be German, and seek to exclude others from this definition[.][1]
Das neue Deutschland.
So a German doesn't mean a white person born in Germany with centuries-old roots there. No, "German" necessarily means Zulus, Tongonese, Chinese, Chileans, Jamaicans, Muslims by the ton, Senegalese, and, oh yes, those people who lived in Germany in, say, 1945, and their descendants. Soon the sound of tom toms can waft through the air to augment the works of Wagner and Beethoven. Soon.

Merkel has just removed Germans from a place of importance in Germany. They are non-people who, so as to avoid being cold or hateful, must contort themselves and their laws to provide for a massive influx of malevolent, parasitic, third-world foreigners.

All this stuff about caring for refugees is nonsense. Merkel intends for Germany as it has been historically to be destroyed. Sexual assault on German women – eminently predictable from the experience of Sweden as the rape capital of Europe – is a necessary part of the transformation and an inevitable part of life under a Muslim majority.

The experience of infidels in Muslim-majority countries is well known. Nothing in history suggests Germany's future experience with arrogant, hateful Muslims in their midst will be different.

Meanwhile, conflicts with Muslims and Africans are to be resolved in favor of them. They must feel no discomfort or hostility. Objection by true Germans to elite betrayal and the presence of millions of contemptible foreigners is to be silenced by vigorous criminal prosecution or informal sanction by AntiFa scum in league with the government and protected by the press. The experience of the woman on the right in the photo above will be ignored, covered up, and forgotten.

All that talk of Nazi this and neo-Nazi that is just psychological projection. Fascism has return to Germany but its target is no longer foreign countries but the autochthonous people of Germany.

[1] "Entering 2016 : The Wars To Come." By Morgoth Penguin, Morgoth's Review, 1/15/16.


Bikermailman said...

2029, Hell! In 2007 I predicted the beginnings of civil war in Europe, in 10 years(ish). The native citizens of respective countries on one side, and an alliance of their rulers and the muslims on the other. People *naturally* will at some point defend themselves, their loved ones and their neighbors. Civilized people for whom the Social Contract is as common as air will let the duly appointed authorities deal with grievances, so Hatfield v McCoy situations don't take place. When for decades the 'authorities' ignore and enable offenses against their own people, and in fact actively cause the problems to expand manyfold, and prosecute their own people for standing up against the offenses, you naturally get violence. Then again, the rulers may well desire this end, as it gives them the excuse they seek for locking down on their own nations. Many people have been warning about this for years, people who wish anything other than neo nazi types having power. Things go badly for everyone. But when regular people are scared, see the writing on the wall, and realize their own governments are against them, they will turn to whomever will hear their complaints and protect them. In return for warning of just such things, we get called racists, islamophobes, etc. The only possibility, based on actions, is that our leaders despise us and wish our demise. The only word for such as these, is evil.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Amen to that on every point. Every one.

I have long moaned about the slowness of Europeans to support nationalist or salvationist parties. Voters have simply failed to "send a message" at the ballot box when all they had to do was check a box. They didn't have to do battle with street thugs or risk assassination. Just support the people who are YOUR people. A lot of people had difficulty with the definition of "your" so there you go. Too, a sense of urgency seemed not to develop (though God knows why). One reason for that is that people just could not imagine that their governments had turned against them. Giant normalcy bias there.

No one doubts that politicians use government to enrich themselves but if they were sons of bitches at least historically they had been "our" SOBs. Astonishingly, however, unlike any epoch, era, or time in history, Western elites became "their" SOBs and turned on their own with a vengeance. This is such a stupefying fact that it's just impossible for millions of people to grasp.

However, things are so odiferous and malevolent and bizarre now that some are in fact waking up. John Cleese observed that London isn't even British any longer, judging from whom you see on the streets. That's like a clue to a growing number. Similarly, seeing Obama refusing to salute when the national anthem is played registers at some level with people. Something very sick and, as you say, evil has injected itself into the world.

If the U.N., globalism, off-shoring, outsourcing, predatory trade deals, advancement of the Sunni Muslim political agenda, stratospheric spending and debt, subsidization of seething minorities, open borders, and unconstitutional war in Syria are the answer, not a few people now want to know what the hell the question is.