Friday, January 29, 2016

Quickies: Does Anyone Have A Spare Bunker-Buster?

     Albany, NY delenda est:

     After years of helping hide Albany corruption, a band of loose-cannon bureaucrats has taken on a new mission: “regulating” the First Amendment.

     The state Joint Commission on Public Ethics just passed an absurd rule ordering anyone paid to talk to editorial boards about public issues to register in Albany as a lobbyist.

     “Any attempt by a consultant to induce a third-party — whether the public or the press — to deliver the client’s lobbying message to a public official would constitute lobbying,” says the new JCOPE rule.

     Specifically, a consultant “who contacts a media outlet in an attempt to get it to advance the client’s message in an editorial would also be delivering a message,” even if indirectly. JCOPE boss Daniel Horwitz calls this “reasonable regulation of speech.”

     They “regulate” our Second Amendment rights down to a nullity and get away with it. How could anyone have thought they wouldn’t eventually try the trick on the First Amendment?

     Forget the bunker-buster. Death by explosive compression or shrapnel bombardment is far too good for these bastards. It’s time to hang a few of them – dangle-and-strangle hangings, not drop hangings. Recorded and televised on YouTube, pour encourager les autres. I’m thinking of seeing to it personally.


Reg T said...

Never thought I'd see the day that New York became worse than Massachusetts, but it looks like that day has come.

Anonymous said...

Although the dangle-and-strangle idea has merit; both in the east and in the west - where we just had a murder from ambush of a man with raised hands (where are the 'hands up don't shoot' folks for Robert Finnicum? Oh wait - he's white. Nevermind...) I believe a much more expeditious idea would be... napalm. Easier to manufacture than a bunker buster, and once the ash is disbursed by the wind, you have a somewhat clean slate! Ta da!