Wednesday, January 27, 2016


     Just yesterday, the C.S.O. was party to an agreement to install solar-electrical-generation equipment at a client’s site. The details amused me greatly. She made her clients aware that they would save essentially nothing, that the mandatory twenty-year lock-in with automating rate elevations guaranteed that they’d shortly be paying twice as much per kilowatt-hour as they would for conventional, “grid” electricity. They were undeterred. “It’s for the environment,” they chorused, and that was the end of the discussion. (Hey, Catholic nuns are like that.)

     And so, just a few minutes ago:

     CSO: I hope none of these greenies ever realizes that the Sun isn’t a renewable resource – that a few billion years from now it’ll die.
     FWP: Don’t. Pretty soon we’d have campaigns to conserve the Sun. Or at least to keep it from wasting so much energy on cold, uncaring space.

     CSO: Well, we could turn it off at night.
     FWP: At least turn it down in the afternoon, to keep the glare off the TV during the football games.

     CSO: You know, we could probably start a movement.
     FWP: I smell a grant for a federal study!
     CSO: A big one?
     FWP: We can hope.

     Why yes, we are a couple of silly old farts. How else are silly old farts supposed to entertain themselves?