Friday, January 29, 2016

Quickies: To Those Who Watched The Debate Last Night I wouldn’t need to do so, a few questions:

  • Was it an unrelieved slander match, or were serious issues and what to do about them seriously discussed?
  • Who, if anyone, addressed:
    • The destruction of the dollar?
    • The emasculation of our strategic deterrent?
    • The subordination of all military priorities to “diversity” and political correctness?
    • Federal courts’ penchant for making their own laws – or rewriting existing ones to produce a particular judicial result?
    • The concept of a business that government must prop up because it’s “too big to fail?”
    • The rightness of a “We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone” declaration?
    • The negative correlation between intensity of gun control and public safety?
    • The inappropriateness of federal involvement in education at any level?
    • The absolute nature of every recognized individual right?
    • The limits of the electoral franchise?
  • Whose answers to moderators’ questions were direct and candid?
  • Who behaved in the most gentlemanly fashion?
  • Who exhibited the worst behavior?
  • Who eschewed a tie?
  • Who “won?”

     Let me know in the comments section. Politely, please, and without going off on an interminable tirade – that’s my privilege here – or flacking for your preferred candidate or cause.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Ben Carson won. He's the most level headed of the bunch, and his common sense and pleasant disposition is most presidential.

Ray said...

FRAN, YO! You want real issues to be talked about? Intelligently, politely, seriously??? That ship sailed long long ago. How bout who did what to whom and when? Twitter dust up? US and CNN coverage? Yeah, that’s the ticket.