Monday, January 11, 2016

The business of men.

The leftists are sometimes right. Borders are artificial. You can’t see them from space. They had to be made, and were made for the purpose of protecting what is inside them and defining who is a part of civilisation and who is the barbarian. And they were made by men. The business of fences, walls, castles, borders and nations is the business of men.

Hear me roar.
The West, led by the opinions of its single mothers, makes little effort to resist its own colonisation, and is indicative of a deracinated and emasculated people offering themselves up to the violent barbarians as a peace offering, in the hope that they may be permitted to survive as court eunuchs while their lands and women are plundered.

The European man has lost the connection with himself, with his nature, his place in the world, his ancestors, his destiny and ultimately his God. In a world where both masculinity and femininity are attacked and smeared together into irrelevance, people lose sight of who is the protector and who is protected. This is a much deeper lying problem that can’t be fixed by political grandstanding or building a wall.

"Trump, Borders and Masculinity." By Simon Wolfe, The Iron Legion, 12/17/15.


Reg T said...

Chris Muir, at Day By Day ( did a post that reflects upon this. White men are no longer safe even attempting to protect women. Should he do so, the victim of sexual assault/rape will most likely take her attacker's side in court, and say the white male who intervened hurt or killed a poor, misunderstood person who simply was unaware of our different culture. Having caused harm to the member of that incredibly privileged group - muslims - the white male can expect lengthy incarceration in prison.

Although it is possible that all of those anti-death penalty liberals will decide that maybe the death penalty would be appropriate for one of those vicious white males.

I hope that there aren't too many of us white males who doubt that such an outcome is quite possible.

Although I was raised to defend women against such aggression, these days I might very well limit it to women I know and trust appreciate the assistance, rather than take the side of their attacker. As we have actually seen happen in Europe, at least.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I'd object to such a witness's speculation on the motivation of dead negroes or white knights.

That prosecutors would gleefully ignore the underlying realities and turn the case into something racial I have no doubt.