Saturday, January 16, 2016

An Ultra-*IMPORTANT* Ultra Quickie: The Crisis Of Our Time

     At Western Rifle Shooters, Michael Hill declaims with crystalline clarity and stunning power. A quick snippet:

     A spokesman for the Hessen Interior Ministry confirmed the policy of the German police keeping quiet about crimes committed by refugees against native Germans. “The press office managers were advised that right wing extremists could exploit the issue of refugees in order to stoke sentiment against people seeking protection,” said the spokesman (from Das Bild, 8 January 2016). The same has been done in Sweden.

     This reminds me of what a representative of ABC News told me back in the 1990s. I asked him why his network refused to acknowledge the ever-increasing number of black-on-white violent crimes. He said it would give fuel to right-wing “racists.” “So if the truth supports the position of right-wing ‘racists’,” I asked, “you simply won’t report the truth?” “Something like that,” he admitted. Some things never change, one of them being the left’s penchant for lying to advance their agenda.

     Please read it all.

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Tim Turner said...

I think we ought to start reminding people of what the black-fisted, fist-raised, sycle-carrying people were in the 60's:


(We now seem to be "right-wing" if we just want the country to hew to the Constitution.)