Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fox weasels.

Donald Trump has earned himself many a lick from brickbats wielded by the Treason Class for his decision not to participate in the next debate. Oh. I'm so upset he won't participate in yet another farce organized by our liberal enemies.

Among whom Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, and Roger Ailes. Thanks, boys, for the occasional bone to us conservatives but, as I like to say, if you want to know what's really on the table, look under the table. What isn't being discussed is where, nowadays, you can find the agenda of the big money people or the Treason Class, however you would like to refer to them.

Case in point, here's a brief look at what Fox News isn't talking about:

As any casual viewer of Fox News would observe, one sees scant to any coverage at all on the record-setting, foreign-born population inside the United States; nor coverage of census findings that immigration is about to surpass all historical records; nor stories on the total number of immigrants allowed into the country each year and the strain this number puts on education, the economy, the welfare states and the profound changes to U.S. culture. By not covering these issues in any real depth, it helps clear the way for the enactment of the Murdoch-backed immigration agenda — bringing in the New American Century hoped for by Rupert Murdoch, Marco Rubio, and Barack Obama.[1]
What's fun to watch is the slack jawed showmen on Fox just blind to the fact that no one gives a damn about what Fox or any of the other media whores have to say about our elections. They've long since been busted as players, activists, propagandists, or camp followers of the Establishment Party.

Mr. Trump has figured out that if he shows contempt for the media shock troops for the left and their insane open borders agenda it won't bother his supporters in the least.

On a very much related note, the German government apparently has ordered the destruction of all CCTV video of the coordinated, nationwide sexual assault campaign on German women.[2] One thing you can count on any Western government is the fanatical desire to increase mass immigration and to cover up the deleterious consequences thereof.

[1] "The Anti-Trump Network: Fox News Money Flows into Open Borders Group." By Julia Hahn, Breitbart, 1/26/16.
[2] H/t: Freedom Outpost.


Unknown said...

What our federal government needs is a strong man (on our side). This is my hope for Trump. Historians will call the O regime the 'next phase' of the American Republic (one in which the executive has been completely cut loose from separation of powers and legislative law). This next phase is the modern equivalent of the transition from the Roman republic to the dictatorship. All that remains is for the 'Senate' to declare our strong man president for life. We are probably lucky that O's dictatorship was too soon and the pretense of the constitution (and consent of the governed) was still a factor.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The likely progression is as you describe. Von Moltke is said to have observed that no plan survives contact with the enemy. In our case, the brilliant constitutional plan did not survive contact with human nature. It was utopian in retrospect. It counted on the political branches and the states to have unchanging contradictory interests that would grease the wheels of compromise and healthy, necessary conflict. The money pressed into eager hands by the wealthy and then by the federal government awash in revenue from the income tax proved to be a corrosive that ate away at the overall scheme. Now it's all theater that would make the Tokugawa shogunate proud. The "shogun" rules and the "emperor" has nice words about enumerated powers and an oath of office.

A strong man on our side would be a corrective, I agree. Probably it would be a necessary condition of our return to constitutional government but not a sufficient one. Even Ted Cruz has shown that his yearning to be president has caused him to ignore the plain wording of the Constitution that distinguishes between "citizen" and "natural born citizen." There's much confusion on the definition of a NBC and most of it deliberate. The issue is, however, illustrative of how even a simple provision of the Constitution just melts into the ground under the sun of political interest.

About all that the American body politic can muster by way of a counter punch is a hopefully large "we're fed up with it all" rallying behind a courageous individual. Given how even Reagan found the entrenched powers to be pretty much bulletproof it's likely that Trump, with far less interest in constitutional matters, will fare much better in four or eight years.

Unknown said...

Agreed. A 'constitutionalist is constrained by the pretense and would be judged major hypocrite if he acted like O (for example). Someone like Trump has no such impediments. Personally, I want the progressives spanked in a major fashion and the cronies jailed. I think separation of powers, judicial review (and all that jazz) would interfere. The progressives and cronies cannot have have it both ways and the opposition is insane to let them.