Monday, January 4, 2016

Quickies: Three New Laws

     These, from libertarian economic thinker Dan Mitchell, should sit beside Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics on the required-reading-for-government-worshippers list:

     See this essay for links to all their developments. And note, of course, that not one nation on Earth currently respects all three.

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tim turner said...

Thanks, Fran.

I went to the link you provided and read about Brazil, and followed up on some of the others.

But honestly? Before I got on your website this morning, I googled "Malheur and Oregon" to see what had happened with the Hammonds.

The Hammonds - father and son - had peaceably agreed to go back to jail as per the 9th circuit court's order. But the thing that "got me" was all the "news" and comment I saw at the nydailynews and the nytimes websites while I was following the google links.

"Right-wing gunslingers" was only one of the epithets thrown around.

With no background, the Brazil link, the nytimes and nydailynews websites said *whatever they wanted.*