Saturday, January 16, 2016


     (A few words of preparation: While watching the Rangers / Flyers game today, at one point a second puck appeared on the ice. It stopped play. No one knew where it came from. As it had no logo on it, it couldn’t be an “official” game puck an official had dropped by mistake. This gave rise here at the Fortress of Crankitude to speculation about whether a fan might have tossed it onto the ice.

     Then we sat down to watch the Chiefs / Patriots football game...)

     CSO: Wouldn’t it be something if fans were to throw extra flags onto the field?
     FWP: Hm?

     CSO: You know, like that extra puck during the hockey game. Imagine if someone were to throw a yellow flag during a play and the officials didn’t know where it came from?
     FWP: Wow. The possibilities! How about two flags?

     CSO: Why stop there? “Hey! What’s this purple flag with the green stripe mean?”
     FWP: Now you’re cookin’! Or what about a checkered flag! Would that mean the game is over?

     CSO: Want to go to a game and try it out?
     FWP: Maybe next season.

     (If the CSO were to play Dungeons & Dragons, she would most definitely be “Chaotic Amoral.”)

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Tim Turner said...

Aural Interpretations of Felis Catus in Quantifiable Non-Hueristic Analyses: An Objective Study Without Recourse to Historical Biases.

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Consider the species with which we share this world. Men say, "Here, Boy!" to their dogs. They say, "That's a good girl!" to any "pet" they deem diminutive in their hierarchical - patriarchal - worldview.

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The replicated procedure was to pronounce, in an authoritative voice, "Here, kitty, kitty." Results were then observed and codified.

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