Saturday, January 2, 2016

Did Texans get out-foxed by anti-gunners?


I can't believe this development never even crossed my mind. Guess I'm just not as devious as I thought I was.


Differ said...

That's pretty bad, but that law existed since 1997. Additionally it only applies to concealed carry and a second sign is required for open carry (30.07) AND both must be repeated in Spanish... So four signs needed. And the language changed as of first of the year, invalidating previous.
And code thirty ought six.... Really???
At least here in Ga most gun-free-zone signs don't have that immediate force of can be asked to leave....then if you refuse you are guilty if trespass. Still, concealed is concealed.....

Reg T said...

I'm not a lawyer (thank G-d) but here in Montana you can carry concealed without a permit everywhere except in the towns and cities of the state. However - concealed is defined as covered or partially covered by _clothing_. So, carry in a purse is not concealed, nor is a backpack, fanny pack, book bag, briefcase, etc.

That being said, recently the "government offices" gun-free zones were increased to include public libraries, or any other town/city/state operated facility. That means any gun, not just concealed.

I've stopped going to the library (thank goodness for BookBub, Smashwords, Amazon, etc.)

Anonymous said...

The sign at the zoo is invalid. The zoo sits on public land and concealed carry is legal on all public land. There is a lot of discussion of this particular instance online. They can put up a sign, but it has no force.

Even a valid 30.06 sign (yes it's called that, and yes the universe does work in mysterious ways) which has all sorts of statutory requirements in order for it to be valid, has no teeth. The most they can do is ask you to leave. If you don't leave, then you are guilty of trespass. There is also an exception that says (paraphrase) if you are there despite the sign, and NEED your gun, then you are OK.

Lots of businesses had invalid signs, some thru true ignorance and some thru a 'nod and wink' to the CHL crowd--"Look antis, we've got signs! (But you CHLs know they're BS.)"

I don't understand any business saying to the over 800,000 CHL holders in TX "F you, we don't want your business" but it happens. Just stop giving them money, and make sure they know why.