Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A stark account of political betrayal.

H/t: Diana West.


KG said...

Posting a link to this over at Crusader Rabbit, Col. Bunny.

Anonymous said...

My heart is sick after watching that. I feel terrible for what that woman, one of many, have experienced and this from the elected body she had trusted. Here she is yet another voice to be added to the warning.

To that I say it is past time to put our trust in our so-called representatives. Right now I have 15-one five-letters to various reps which remain unanswered after three weeks. Why do I continue to submit myself to this when every prior attempt has resulted in nil? It is because I continue to hold on to the hope that a response will be forthcoming. In this I am foolish. Therefore on to Plan B. There is no middle ground. There is no middling. No longer should we look to govt to fix the problem it has created. Ammo up!, is the call.

They only become bolder the longer we wait. This is not hysterics nor pedantic hubris. It matters not if you are a D or an R. It only matters if you prize liberty. It certainly is an Us Vs Them. Ammor up, compadre. But be not settled with a defense but to the offense we rise.

Anonymous said...

LaVoy himself couldn't have put it better!

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks, KG.

Anon, it's pointless to deal with these people. It's not just indifference to the interests of the native people but vicious harassment of natives who resist.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Anon 2, I'm not familiar with anything LaVoy said. The eloquence of that woman is amazing, however.

Reg T said...


Her eloquence is indeed amazing, but it also reminds me of something I often forget. I'm as guilty as anyone (in spite of being Canadian-French on both sides) of talking about the French as "cheese-eating surrender-monkeys", and arrogant jerks. But I forget that what we often dislike about folks from other countries is actually a function of the behavior of their _government_, not their citizens.

I think of how other countries must see America, based on the (O)rganism currently infecting the White House, and I don't blame them for disrespecting America. "We" elected the scummer _twice_ (although I believe between McCain intentionally throwing the race and the incredible voter fraud/fraudulent vote counting, he didn't really win). Europeans have suffered under a system and a culture that guarantees the collectivists will rule, for a lot longer than we have suffered under Obama. So I try to cut them some slack when I think of it. Most French, Russian, Poles, Greeks, etc. want to simply live their life with a little joy in it, just as we do. (I leave the muslims out of this consideration, however. Their joy is everyone else's suffering.)

Col. B. Bunny said...

Reg, I think you're right. The French troops in WWI fought well and many thousands died in the German invasion in WWII.

The communists were a problem in France before the war. I read a little about the Third Republic and it was clear France was v. divided then. Come to think of it, France may be the worst governed country with the most destructive social forces at work of any country after WWII. Rabid secularism, dirigisme, a fossilized bureaucracy of self-satisfied elitists, uber commie labor unions, spoiled, idiot students, schizophrenia about Algeria, a near military coup, and now a truly treasonous ruling class on board with mass immigration. The (ex)president, Sarkozy, spoke of the necessity of metissage for the French people. And he was a "conservative." Perhaps I pick and choose unfairly but that is one confused nation. The lunacy of the Revolution did something to the French political DNA, I think. Just as National Socialism did to Germany.

Communism and socialism introduced something satanic into the West. As a consequence, name the Western country that isn't a text book case of psychopathy. At the heart of ALL the world's troubles is the desire of people to get something for nothing. Many political careers have been roaring successes as a result.

But now the iron laws of arithmetic and economics are ready to deliver an emetic.