Saturday, February 13, 2016

Quickies: Trends In Education

     Once again, the indispensable Joanne Nova has the story:

     The National Centre for Science Education (NCSE) surveyed 1500 teachers across the US, and were shocked that a third bring dangerous climate material in to the class.
     “At least one in three teachers bring climate change denial into the classroom, claiming that many scientists believe climate change is not caused by humans” says NCSE programs and policy director Josh Rosenau....

     Worse, half of the surveyed teachers have allowed students to discuss the supposed ‘controversy’ over climate change without guiding students to the scientifically supported conclusion.” Scarier still: three out of five teachers were unaware of, or actively misinformed about, the near total scientific consensus on climate change.

     Here’s the link to the source story.

     It saddens me to say it, but at this time, in our deteriorated state of communication and civilization, an important guide to periodicals is to immediately disregard any publication with the word Science in its title or subtitle. Even academic journals of (formerly) high repute have been colonized by left-wing propagandists.

     Miss Nova’s concluding observation is a killer:

     Repeat after me: Science is the study of opinion polls.

     ‘Nuff said.


Avraham said...

Climate is the substitute crusade for the west. It is to provide something for people to get exited about instead of Muslim invasions.

Ron Olson said...

Human guilt to replace white guilt. check your human privilege

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised by the claims of climate change, nor am I concerned. Given the disagreements among various scientists, I'm somewhat dubious about homo sap being a primary cause. How do I as a retired civil engineer know the comparative credibility of scientists on either side of the argument?

I doubt that I'm original in the idea of the inertia of large systems. That is, a VLCC slows from 20mph to zero in miles. A Formula 1 car, from 200 mph to zero in yards. Atmosphere and oceans are large systems. For homo sap to try to create a change in the direction of global average temperatures, ala Algore, the results won't be known until our grandchildren are aging.

Personally? Warming is good. I hate cold weather. Shrug. More CO2? Good for green growies. Veggies and trees.