Saturday, February 13, 2016

Quickies: Either-Or

     You’ve probably already heard about the Muslim who attacked the patrons of an Israeli’s Ohio restaurant with a machete:

     Law enforcement sources close to the investigation into a machete attack at an Ohio restaurant told Fox News Friday that federal authorities are investigating the incident as a potential lone wolf terror attack.

     FBI investigators have not yet found any evidence to suggest the attack was directed by Islamic State or any other foreign terror organization, but federal authorities are still running down the possibility that Mohammad Barry was inspired by terrorist propaganda.

     Columbus police identified Barry, 30, as the attacker at Nazareth Restaurant and Deli. Barry entered the restaurant Thursday night and wounded four patrons before being killed by police in a confrontation a few miles away.

     It’s unclear what motivated Barry’s attack. Columbus police confirmed Friday they’re working with federal authorities on the investigation but have not said why.

     "There's nothing to lead us to believe this is anything more than a random attack," Columbus police spokesman Sgt. Rich Weiner told The Columbus Dispatch.

     A “random attack,” Sergeant? A Muslim attacks a restaurant owned and operated by an Israeli, and that’s just “random?” How many Israeli-owned businesses are there in Ohio, pray tell? And how many non-Israeli-owned businesses have suffered “random” attacks by Muslims?

     But let’s read on, shall we?

     A source told Fox News earlier Friday the FBI is scouring Barry’s background, which includes interviewing associates and digging into his travel history. Fox is also told that investigators are looking to Barry’s digital and online footprint for terrorist propaganda or evidence of communication with extremists.

     My question is simple: Which outcome would frighten you more: the discovery that Mohammad Barry had been in contact with recognized Islamic terror groups, or confirmation that he never had?

     Think it over.


Tim Turner said...

If there is a narrative, I have to believe the FBI investigators will be told to keep looking until some contact is established.

If Islam is a (the?) religion of peace, the narrative cannot support the idea that a "normal" person would become violent just by contemplating its message.

Alternately, I guess they'd be happy(?) to find a previous history of violence that wasn't directed towards Jews.

Joseph P. Martino said...

No mystery. He read the Koran and did what it commanded him to do: kill Jews and other infidels. Simply another example of "sudden jihad syndrome."

Ironically, Ohio has a fairly liberal "concealed carry" law. Given this incident, there is no longer any excuse for Ohioans not getting a permit and carrying everywhere they go. We are being targeted.

Joseph said...

What would frighten me is if this had occurred on Sept. 12, 2001. It would have been evidence that a horde of sleeper agents had been planted and the whistle had been blown.

Now, after years of a trickle of lame attacks ...