Monday, February 1, 2016

The true face of open borders.

Open border fanatics at the University of Santa Barbara protested the U.S. Customs and Border Protection recruiters at a campus job fair.

The College Fix reported that about 50 students descended on the campus quad Thursday, holding posters that read “we are human” and “undocumented unafraid,” while chanting “f**k your borders, f**k your walls.”

“We do have undocumented students here on campus who are at potential risk,” said UCSB graduate student Idalia Robles to The College Fix. “This is a very triggering event for people in those circumstances. There is no space on this campus for an organization that continues to threaten the safety of students.”[1]

Note dog whistle phrases "undocumented students" (illegals), "triggering event," and "safety of students." The unmentionable words here, however, are "ethnic hostility," "stupidity," "vulgarity," and "contempt."

Contempt for America is the take-away lesson here. America – the propositional nation.

Whatever that proposition is, it isn't respect for the law.

[1] "Students to border patrol: ‘F**k your borders’ [VIDEO]." By Ryan Girdusky, RedAlert Politics, 1/30/16.


Reg T said...

The only good take away is that these students will likely find themselves asking, "Do you want fries with that" upon graduation.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they forgot that the border they crossed is what separates the US from the third world shithole they crawled out of.

Col. B. Bunny said...

A good start to correct this nonsense would be to reintroduce a property qualification for voting. We have drunk the Koolaid on this universal franchise stupidity.

Stupid people get to weigh in on affairs of state with results to match.

Reg T said...

I like your idea, Col. RAH wrote a novel called Starship Troopers (the movies suck as far as their relation to the book). In that story, you had to have served in the military to have the right to vote.

I like that idea, but I have a corollary I think would also be effective: if you are on welfare, you lose your right to vote, until you are once again gainfully employed (and I'm not sure McDonald's should qualify ;-). Also, you would have to pass a drug test in order to vote.

Joseph said...

The protesters obviously want lots of little borders running around. That explains the eagerness of anti-gentrification activists to build legal walls around their neighborhoods.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Reg, I like the idea of a literacy test. Quote any two lines from Beowulf or Chaucer and you're good. In the original language, of course.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Anon, I'm a firm believer in segregation. Integration has only meant the destruction of city after city after city that whites built and turned employment law into a joke or a nightmare for employers.