Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our indecent foreign policy.

We are the foreign policy spear point for the loathsome Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia. We bomb foreign nations whose governments displease us. We play at being the god of this world in deposing rulers who do not meet our exacting and exemplary standards. We knowingly support jihadi scum who burn a prisoner of war in a cage alive, rape and enslave infidel women, and behead prisoners of war and noncombatants. The al Qaida and ISIS forces we support wage war on a non-sectarian, non-psychopathic government and tens of thousands of civilians are killed and turned into refugees. The Syrian cities and towns are burned-out, bullet-scarred wastelands. And we lie and dissemble about what we do. All while waging an unconstitutional war on the sovereign nation of Syria.

Here is a glimpse of our diseased relationship with ISIS, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar:

Valerie approved it.
Diabolically, then, it appears that the US' efforts to "fight" ISIS is more an effort instead to keep truly effective fighting forces from compromising ISIS supply lines. This is why the Western media admits ISIS is supplied through Turkey, but cannot explain why neither Turkey nor the US forces based in Turkey have done anything to target these Turkish-based logistical operations.

The US' operations in Syria aimed at ISIS are done in the sound knowledge that no matter how much "damage" they appear to do, it remains essentially superficial as anything lost can easily be replaced via supply lines from Turkey - including replacing fighters, weapons, and of course, revenue.

Despite the unified weepy narratives being once again carefully crafted by the practiced liars across the Western media, in an attempt to sell intervention in Syria, the glaring reality is that both the problem and the solution involves intervention in Turkey, and beyond that, the despotic regimes of the Persian Gulf who have openly underwritten for decades and served as the ideological source code for the most obscene extremism to take root in human history.

To claim that Syria needs to be occupied and "saved" by the very regimes that have intentionally created and perpetuated the bloodshed not only in Syria, but elsewhere including Iraq and even as far as Libya, is in itself as much a crime against humanity in reality as the Western media claims Syrian and Russian efforts to end this affront to humanity is in fiction.[1]

On the matter of NATO and Turkish support of ISIS and al Qaida in Syria (and Iraq, no doubt) Mr. Cartalucci's caption for the picture of bumper-to-bumper 18-wheeler trucks on the way to and returning from Syria:
Hundreds of trucks a day, for years have been resupplying ISIS in Syria - travelling out of NATO-member Turkey's territory not only with complete impunity, but with the aid of Ankara and NATO itself.[2]
The haunting photo of a destroyed Libyan city – our sole responsibility – also has a telling caption about NATO's "humanitarian intervention."

[1] "Turkey is the Source, Not Solution to ISIS and the Syrian Crisis." By Tony Cartalucci, New Eastern Outlook, 2/14/16 (emphasis added).
[2] "Turkey is the Source, Not Solution to ISIS and the Syrian Crisis." By Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer Report, 2/15/16 (emphasis added).

H/t: Land Destroyer Report. The caption to the Libyan photo mentioned above appears to have been added to the Land Destroyer Report version. The photo of the trucks and the caption also appear to have been added by the Land Destroyer Report.

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