Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rush Limbaugh on where we are and the futility of trying to "work with" radical, sellout Democrats.

[Voters are] not taking the time to ask if [Trump] really means it [about building a wall and deporting illegals]. They've already decided that he does. It's that important to a lot of people. It's about preserving a distinct American culture which is under assault, which is under siege. And it's being brought to us by the Democrat Party, which is trying to register all kinds of new voters all the time 'cause they need a permanent underclass of people incapable of taking care of themselves, incapable of providing for themselves who will always be counted on to vote Democrat to be taken care of.

And under these circumstances, people scratch their heads to this day and cannot understand why a single Republican would ever sign on to this. And if you want to know what happens to Republicans that do, the name is Jeb Bush. A hundred million dollars, and it may actually be $115 million could not erase the baggage that Jeb Bush was carrying around, that people assumed he was for amnesty. It's that simple. That's what happens. That's where we are.

And on the establishment in the Republican and Democrat parties:
Their attitude is not, "You know what? The American people really don't want this. We better modify this." That's not it at all. That doesn't permeate the establishment mind. If you don't support what they want, you have to be taken care of, you have to be defeated, you have to be rendered irrelevant, you have to be cast aside, whatever. It's that polarizing an issue and nothing's changed on it.
And this is the clincher from Rush:
We're on the cusp of losing the country.

[Big, big snip]

. . . This is for keeps! This isn't about unifying, getting along [with the left]. They're not interested in it -- and what do you want to get along with 'em over? What about their agenda do you want to embrace?

"MUST HEAR!!! Rush Blows the Lights Out in the Final Hour! What This Election Is Really About and What's Really at Stake." The Rush Limbaugh Show, 2/23/16.


Unknown said...

I agree that that hour (Tuesday) was one of the best in a while. However, Rush followed up that hour with a bad one reading a column by Ben Shapiro stating that Cruz had to go kamikaze on Trump in the next 'debate' in order to 'take him out.' This is an idiotic strategy since Trump and Cruz were after the same voters and wanting to lead the Movement. Cruz went down when he changed his alliance strategy. Cruz supporters need to face the reality that this is not his time. He had a chance back in the Spring but Trump co-opted Cruz's message and it's too late now. If Cruz had been as passionate as Trump at the beginning of the campaign, it would be Cruz leading the Movement and not Trump. The reason Cruz could not get in front of the issue like Trump was his dependency on donor money. Only candidates not needing donor money could afford to thumb his nose at the universal donor issue (immigration). Cruz should recognize his error and cut his losses: form a new alliance with Trump against Rubio. Cruz is young and his time will come. Here in Texas, Cruz supporters (radio talk hosts) have full on Trump derangement. Unfortunately they cannot judge the situation objectively.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Trump derangement is funny.

Odd position for Shapiro who's always got a lock on the essentials from what I've seen.

Absolutely true about not being able to break free of the donors. Gingrich was beholden to Adelson last time around and Rubio is said to have Adelson on speed dial. Adelson, needless to say, is all for open borders.