Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Who wrote this guy into the script?

A clever expression of the realities of American kabuki politics:
Trump is showing up what a farce Republican presidential “races” have become in recent elections.

First an establishment candidate is selected. Let us call him, um, Romney. Then a number of other figures are invited to participate in the traveling stage show, but like the majority of contestants in the Ms. Universe contest, they are just there to make up the numbers. Some of them will have been offered other minor offices as a reward for their participation, others will just be pleased to get the name recognition.

There has to be a woman, a black guy, and a a selection of governors from Republican strongholds around the nation. There will be a Hispanic or two, a Catholic, a New Englander, a Hillbilly, a Southerner, and someone from California.

The black guy will be allowed to act as pacemaker for the first few furlongs of this horse race, but will inevitably drop out when the sexual allegations are released. The woman will get the attention of a few male voters who would not otherwise have paid attention if she has nice legs, and will remind women that their daughters could become lawyers too.

But this is not a real contest. Coming into the final straight the candidate with the Wall St. money riding on him will pull away and pass the winning post easing up. Just a training gallop for the big one later on.

Now this year, along comes Trump and enters the race without being invited, much to the chagrin of those who had arranged for Bush Mk. III to win the warm up race in a canter. Even worse, he gives the electorate the impression that he might do something about some of the things that affect their lives.

It is almost as if we lived in some kind of a democracy where people who had different ideas and points of view could run for political office.

Comment by Jonathan Mason on "Republican Terror and Anger." By Paul Gottfried, The Unz Review, 12/29/15.

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