Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stunning clarity from a brave Muslim.


Avraham said...

He makes a good points that people gained by emulating greatness. I think that is how the Renaissance spread to Europe from Florence.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Emulation is not evidence of a character defect and I don't care who thought of the concept of zero or of "Arabic" numerals. I shamelessly incorporate any good idea I encounter. As the gentleman says, the Japanese advanced like gangbusters after the very first clue was delivered that there was a new threat on their horizon. The Chinese, in contrast, struggled fitfully and, in some cases, not at all to jettison the idea that their culture was so superior that Western learning was a waste of time.

The poor Muslims are stuck with a poisonous view that independent thinking in the realm of the physical world is blasphemy to the extent that it controverts the idea that Allah wills every blink of every eye on the planet and concerns himself with the precise path of every bullet and artillery shell.

Reg T said...

And yet, they are willing to utilize Western nuclear physics, engineering and weapons design, along with contemporary rocketry to develop nuclear weapons - weapons that they will be far more willing to use against Israel, America and elsewhere than any former Soviet leader or American President short of Truman, who accurately gauged the mindset of the Japanese military/government re ending the war they had started (even if FDR _did_ give them a good shove and a nice, juicy first target to get them properly motivated).

Would that we had an American President with the balls to apply the same approach to the mindset of those who follow islam. Mecca, Medina, and Qom would look so much lovelier after having been nuked from orbit.