Tuesday, February 16, 2016

And people are mystified why Americans don't want another Bush?

. . . George H. W. Bush distanced himself from his own administration by telling him [Gorbachev in 1987], "Reagan is a conservative, an extreme conservative. All the dummies and blockheads are with him..."
"America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution." By Angelo Codevilla, The American Spectator, July 2010 - August 2010 issue.


Tim Turner said...

You know, sometimes I think you tell your enemies what you would never tell your friends.

Then again, if your enemy already thinks your "base" is dummies and blockheads - or maybe reactionaries with their finger on the nuclear trigger - then maybe telling him that Bush is whacko isn't such a bad thing.

Bunny, be careful. I know you read socialist stuff and "other" points of view to get perspective. But remember, they lie, too.

Reg T said...

The Bushes weren't the only members of the CFR, although they had strong ties with the whole attitude toward us "pee-ons". I seem to recall reading that even Sarah Palin was a member, which - if true - surprised the hell out of me.

JWMJR said...

It was not just that Bush 41 told Gorbachev that Reagan was an "extreme conservative". At the Malta conference he gave Gorby every assurance that his adminstration would not pursue any repercussions against any individual communists or communism itself for the Soviets 70+ years of crimes against humanity that killed at least three times the number that the Nazis did. And we wonder why we have a revanchist Russian Empire run by a bunch of "former" KGB and communist thugs.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Tim, that's true and always something to be taken into account. I have Bush '41s classic "vision thing," "read my lips," and "voodoo economics," as well as John Pohoretz's "Hell of a Ride" when I think of what kind of a "conservative" Bush was. There's nothing I know about the man that hints that he had the least sympathy with or understanding of Reagan's views. Podhoretz's book is one of the under-appreciated books of the Bush presidency and I recommend it highly. Bush was a decent sort, I think, but was and is the quintessential hollow man. So I rate that comment as "within the realm of possibility" (WTROP).

Reg, Bush was a CFR director from '77-'79. Chuck Baldwin wrote that Palin would ingratiate herself with the CFR and that McAmnesty was a member but a cursory search does not reveal she was a member or director. Not now, certainly. Bush's directorship is unsurprising. The man is no thinker, like W.

JWMJR, I remember similar statements by Bush that showed no particular delight in the fall of the Soviet Union. Once it was crumbling I understand that a new way of dealing with Russia was in order but, as with all things involving this man, anything he's ever said or done just make me ask, "Whu?"