Wednesday, February 3, 2016

We pause from the drumbeat of "Assad the Butcher."

The regional and international analysts agree on the Saudi origin of al-Qaeda.

Last year, an Al-Qaeda terrorist, sentenced to life imprisonment in the US, said that members of the Saudi royal family sponsored the terrorist network in the 1990s.[1]

The Saudis are the one we so ardently support in our relentless and unconstitutional war against Syria. Does their relentless support of terror phase us?

Why, no. Not in the least. We drink their bathwater just as we always have.

The United States is perfectly fine with Wahhabism, the most malevolent interpretation of Islam south of Jupiter, the flavor of Islam that keeps Muslims in fear of their lives and the rest of the world in thrall to savages.

[1] "Saudi Interior Ministry Admits Saudi Regime Aid to Al Qaeda." By Pundita, 2/2/16.

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