Friday, February 19, 2016

Malevolent Merkelian miscomprehension or misdirection.

Merkel, under heavy pressure at home to reduce arrivals, supports a plan under which transit country Turkey would seal its borders and then fly refugees to Europe where they would be settled under an EU quota system.[1]
I first thought the word to describe this is obtuse, but it denotes dullness, which Merkel is not. Willful or refractory (stubbornly disobedient) miscomprehension is helpful but, again, there's no failure of intellect that I can see. Willful, mulish misdirection captures more of the element of intentionality that is obviously at work.

Still, Merkel's mindset is hard to capture. The problems of Muslim hostility and incompatibility are obvious for anyone to see but officially they are not seen. More to the point, it is officially forbidden to see them.

It's as though a soldier would present alarming news to his officer like this:

Private: "Sir, the enemy has mounted a human wave attack!"

Officer: "Right you are. Let's have a spot of breakfast."

It's a puzzle. All through the West, with honorable exceptions, we have leaders who don't lead or who mouth stupidities like "leading from behind" or "moderate Islam."

And terrible dangers – civilizational threats – are not addressed.

[1] "Merkel rejects east Europe plan to shut Balkans refugee route." By France24, 2/16/16.

H/t: Gates of Vienna.


JWMJR said...

It's as if all of wester Europe is determined to live in imitation of the dinner scene from "Carry on, up the Khyber".

Avraham said...

First Officer: "Sir! Iceberg directly ahead."
Captain of the Titanic: "Nothing to worry about. We are unsinkable"

Malatrope said...

"Monty Python: The Reality"

Col. B. Bunny said...

I had to read up on that one, JWMJR. The identical concept, as is Avraham's contribution.

Malatrope, I'm not sure of the episode to which you refer. The football game between the Germans and the Greeks? No matter. The situation is very likely beyond parody. That other MP classic where they announce the election results would work. The Silly Party . . . .

Anonymous said...

I think the elites have a deathwish. I read about it on

And please: If you intervene in Europe again, make sure that every country has a 2nd Amendment, that may never be changed.
(After the Nuremberg war crimes trial the four Victorpowers demanded from Germany that the verdicts may never be challenged on pain of a new war. So use this as an example for the demand that Germany is given a 2nd Amendmet and they may never rescind it.)

Thanks in advance.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks, Anon. Mr. Gore makes some good points, esp. that the elites do not have the interests of the people at heart. It's very hard to conceive of the fact that the ruling classes in the West actually want to see their own people inundated by a tidal wave of Africans and savage Muslims. They have rejected the very concept of foreigner or "them" that guided previous generations back to when people rubbed sticks together to make fire.

The Europeans are so unmotivated on the issues of an armed citizenry and limited government that I fear they will let something like the Second Amendment lapse from neglect after two or three years.

We may have to come to the aid of Europe to cast out the Muslim menace but I'm more likely to change my name to Elizabeth before that happens.